And just like that, Emily turns 3.

Photo credit: Miss Chilis Photography

Hello Three.

Wild and three.

Who can believe my little, but not so little, Emily is now three. Gosh, hasn’t that time flown?

I’m really not sure where that time has gone. It’s gone by way too quickly. Like a flash if I’m honest.

I can still remember being told in a swift jiffy that I was going to be induced and it could take a few days before Emily would show face, but my adamant little bumblebee insisted she’d join mummy and daddy on the first day of the month, there was no hanging around for her.

I’m not sad, far from it. Looking back over the last few years, whilst time has flown, and my baby isn’t such a little baby anymore, I’m amazed at how much she has grown into this confident child. Everyday she’s grown and continues to grow with such confidence and I’m thrilled at the way she talks, acts and what she does. Toddler years have definitely been far more exciting (some sleep deprived) whilst she explores the world with such excitement and interest.

For Emily’s 3rd birthday this year, she’s been lucky enough to have 2 party celebrations; one with her friends at the soft play centre Bumblebeez a few days ago and a little family get-together as my mum and her partner are down for the weekend. I wouldn’t really call the soft play runaround a proper party as a few members, mainly her cousins weren’t there to share the excitement as they live too far away and admittedly whilst she has a few friends, there weren’t enough to arrange a party at said soft play area, but a little gathering whilst kids ran around screaming and mums drank crap tea, was a welcoming idea that Friday afternoon to tire out our little ones before Friday night bedtime.

Aside from party celebrations, its really quite something that we’re here at Three. Wild and Three, we’ll call it.

Whilst her 2nd year was an adventure, I can’t wait to see what happens next…

Happy a Birthday Emily. Xx

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