Baby Shark has joined the bath time routiner

Baby Shark is one more step to house takeover now that his daddy has been introduced to the household.

This time, via the bath.

Yep, I’ve only gone and done it – I’ve bought one of the toys available online to entertain our mini humans and annoy the older ones. I bought this on Amazon, at £13 it’s not cheap as a bath toy and no it’s not something I would usually buy because guaranteed at some point it’s going to drive me potty, but I needed a new thing to help bath time.

Last month Emily decided her love of water would stop at the bath and so began the torment trying to get her into the bath. Dear God, it was a constant battle to get her in. Screaming, crying, tantrums. Ear-piercing hell-no’s as I tried to lower her in what you’d think was boiling water, fighting with every inch of her being, eventually having to just make do with a hand wash because bubbles and bath toys just wasn’t doing it for her anymore. Not for a few weeks anyway.

And so the game begun finding just anything to help with bath time. A costly game in fact, but colour tablets on Amazon were one answer, but even after their suggestion that 10 tablets were the absolute max for each bath time, we indeed went through far more in just a few weeks.

Quite a success though, I must admit, she got back in and that’s all that matters.

Until the day I saw someone post about the Baby Shark bath toys. My initial reaction was “hell no!” But here I am, listening to Daddy Shark sing his merry fucking tune 8x now and no bath crayon in sight.

So, yes I am mad, and yes the Baby Shark has played on my mind approx 100x today without physically playing the song, but you know what.. we have had 3 bath times since Daddy Shark arrived and she’s jumped in, no hesitation.

Bath fears no more.

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