Do timeouts really exist when you’re this busy?


The last few weeks I’ve been mega busy with work. Whilst I’m really enjoying being back to busy again and taking on a new realm of time management, my body clock seems to still not be up to scratch with it all.

To add to it, Emily hasn’t been feeling herself, another viral infection of some kind is swinging its way around nurseries during this summer holiday, so she’s ratty, I’m ratty and tired and its all just a bit too much.

I’m not in any means saying I want to cut down my hours, because I’m happy with my hours and love my job, it’s just that I want a bit of a timeout. You know? Just a few hours to rejuvenate myself. Part of the very idea excites me because then I can have a major house clean, or properly defrost the freezer or even go the extra mile and really scrub the kitchen floor, but I’m not talking about household chores here, I’m talking about a break for me. Ideally away from technology and people (sorry Sam, Emily, friends and family). I just feel like having a few hours to just re-find myself for a bit.

A few days ago, after a few days of limited sleep, Emily was burning up. Me fearing the worst with her breathing, got into a bit of a fret that she may have a chest infection. It turned out it was just a viral infection, but the asthmatic in me planted that worry bomb in my head until I googled myself into a worry and nope, its common for children this age to wheeze when they have a viral infection – did I miss that part of the toddler manual? Anyway, through a midst of hurry, I stupidly closed my front door with the spare key still in the inside lock and alas I was locked out. It took 5 hours until I could sit at my desk and type on my laptop again. It also meant Emily decided she should take a deep snored sleep at 4.30 so that added to another evening of stress and whatnot.

I fear a little all I seem to do on my blog is moan a lot. It’s not my intention if it comes across that way, just been using this platform more to just spew information rather than be that helpful – sorry readers, I’ll get back to my usual self soon!

Back to the topic…

So, I want a timeout. I am so engrossed in work, being pulled at every angle and finding the time to do it all whilst also cook, clean (or try to), and be the best partner to Sam and mum to Emily. I know it’s totally normal to feel like this so I’m refusing to feel bad about the idea of it, but trying to find the time to do it will be the tricky part. This year, we decided to do house things rather than go on holiday, so lounging by a pool drinking a cocktail wont be on the list anytime soon, however, I am starting to think I need to plan my days better. I do tend to overwork especially when the weekend comes by and find myself checking an email or 10. I just need to find that time to have a bit of a break from it all.

It would only be for a few hours. I could just stand in the shower and sing badly. It would just be nice to have a timeout without any interruptions.

Who’s with me?


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