Park Life

Emily’s obsessed with the outdoors. But then, I don’t know many children her age, that don’t. Although she may like her screen time, I don’t want her to be completely consumed by it. Thankfully, when we do go outside, Emily laps it up to her full advantage.

She loves the outdoors. It seems also she’s not bothered by the weather either. Come rain or shine, Emily is out playing in the garden. Since she was small, Emily has been a lover of the park. She prefers being out there than in here, but then, who wouldn’t?

We’re lucky here in Ramsgate that there’s a lot of outside space. We have parks, fields, nature reserves, beaches, plenty of bays and a 15-minute car drive up the road, there are forests too. Whilst I will always bring the stroller with me when out, wherever we go, Emily will shout out “PARK!”

Emily can’t go anywhere without an inspection of bugs, insects, creepy crawlers as I call then, stick picking and swinging out of something in the playground. She feels so comfortable outside, she feels so at home.

The other day we went to town, walked alongside the seafront. If the wind wasn’t so full-on, we probably would have gone onto the beach (she loves the beach too). A walk towards home and nearing Ellington Park, Emily excitedly ran over to the play area – the swing and the slide taking most of her attention at first before daddy convincing her a little wooden course would be fun too.

Taking each big step with daddy right behind guiding her, she loved each step and then screamed “AGAIN!”

She loves the outside. I think it’s great how happy it makes her feel. Studies suggest that adults and children who feel personally connected with nature are more likely to be happy, healthy and environmentally conscious.

With summer fast approaching, longer and sunnier days, there’s so much more adventure to be had and it’s exciting. Whatever next!

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