First journey to Bristol this year and it all went smoothly

All hail public transport.

Gosh I can’t complain about anything.

Nothing, nada.

It was perfect from Ramsgate to Bristol Parkway and thank bloody Jo it was. No delays, diversions, near misses – just a pure simple straightforward journey there and it was bliss. I kept thinking I had forgot something, didn’t do something or this wasn’t right, something wasn’t right, because seriously every time we have come up to Bristol, without a shadow of a doubt, we would have some delay. And boy have we had some good’uns. I’m pretty sure the first time would’ve resulted in early labour the first time we went up and the hellish nightmare on route back.

Ok, so technically, I’ve written this blog post the day after arriving and we’ve yet to go home tomorrow, who knows what that journey will be like.

Looking forward to the day ahead.

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