A Chinese & Thai Foodie Fakeaway Eve with Friends

Photo credit: Clare White

Who doesn’t like a takeaway?

Chinese, Thai, Indian, curry, fish & chips, cheeky Nando’s, pizza, burgers, kebab – the options are endless. Us brits love them. You only have to sit and watch tv and notice the endless stream of adverts that can confirm this – JustEat, Deliveroo, Dominos. It’s easier to eat in, than eating out, it’s ideal laziness. You don’t have to leave your home, or dress up, there’s so much selection to choose from, and it’s only a click or phone call away.

Photo credit: Clare White

But takeaways can have their negatives. Sometimes they are greasy and ooze fat, delivery is slow, food can be disappointing and the cost astronomical. That’s where my love of the fakeaway idea came about.

Sam loves a takeaway. The thing I don’t like with it is the ridiculous expense and sometimes for not a lot of food. Especially with an Indian or Chinese takeaway. It’s nice but sometimes can be quite oily too so seems a bit of a ripoff. In my quest to vanquish the amount of money spent on takeaways, minus the odd kebab Sam can’t seem to live without, I’m continuing to push the boundaries making homemade versions of our favourite takeaways.

I’ve already made sweet chilli beef & roasted duck with pancakes, peanut butter chicken curry, lightly spiced cod & Homemade chips, lamb kofta, Chinese sticky ribs and sesame pork balls and a Greek meze.

A few weeks ago, I messaged friends and asked if they wanted to come over for a fakeaway eve. Dean was a little unsure, but once the cuisine was decided, I just had to think of what to make. Sam & Dean like curries, the hotter the better, whilst Clare and I prefer the milder versions of food. So I decided a mix across 2 Asian cuisines would provide all with plenty of flavour, and be a little taste journey.

On the menu:

  1. Aromatic Duck -See recipe here.
  1. Homemade spring rolls
  1. Chinese Slow Cooked Pork Ribs
  1. Thai Red hot curry
  1. Orange Chicken
  1. Followed by a delicious strawberry cheesecake.

I was super prepared as usual, I seem to have a serious thing about being super organised. I wrote an itinerary on the Monday, made the cheesecake the day before, slow cooked the ribs early Saturday morning and made the rest in the afternoon. Only the spring rolls, stir fry and the aromatic duck could be left to the last few hours.

Photo credit: Clare White

There was a bout of worry when Emily got an eye infection and the house got sick but thankfully, that went pretty quickly.

Photo credit: Clare White

The evening as usual was lovely and I’m really happy everyone loved the food. As usual a fair bit left over, but that’s ok! Got to love a leftover!

Keep your eyes peeled for recipes to come.

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