Winter sucks. Can we just get on with the next season please?

I’ll admit, the last few weeks I’ve probably been a bit of a moany moo. I’m sorry, but, aside the shitty weather, the household has just been full of sick, snot and infections and it’s crap.

When I thought it could all get better, Emily can have a proper experience at her nursery (she’s spent more time out of it than in), we have friends over and then we get sick again. It would just be nice if we could have a bit of sunshine, less snotty noses, and to be able to go out in just a jumper without a big heavy coat on.

Thankfully, we haven’t experienced the nightmare that most of the UK has had with the snow and ice. Living by the sea we do get our fair share of cold air and wind, which does mean we have to wrap up well, or chance getting sick again. At least now that it is February, with spring only a few weeks away, I can’t tell you how pleased I’ll be to see lighter mornings, lighter evenings, and sun when it eventually graces us.

Here’s to the next season.

About bloody time.

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