Emily officially starts nursery tomorrow

So that’s it. 3 settling in sessions, done and dusted last week. This time, being 2 and a few months older than the last time, Emily embraced her settling in sessions with all her might and bloody loved it. You don’t understand how much that means to me.

Last year we tried and it just didn’t work. Too young, too dependent on me and just not ready, were all part reasons why it just didn’t work out. Thankfully, her nursery have been amazing from the start and it’s comforting to know there’s a great support system helping Emily, the many other children, younger and older in the nursery and parents too. Besides a few tears, Emily has enjoyed it, the second day, I had to physically drag her out of the group.

Whilst this is a big step for both of us, I’m so pleased my little girl is ready for this next important stage of her life on tomorrow.

She’s growing up so fast.

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