What a great way to start a Tuesday by being locked in my bedroom

So my Tuesday hasn’t started off in the greatest way. Sam left at his usual ungodly hour this morning, Emily cried about 20 minutes after, so I put her in our bed whilst I dozed, spoke to Sam about 7.30 and realised at 7.40 I was stuck in our bedroom. With Emily asleep and my ‘you have got to be kidding me’ thinking cap on, I tried hopelessly to open the door.




And here we are 2 hours later, still in this mess, Emily now awake happily watching CBeebies, me desperate for the loo and us waiting for the emergency door guys to come to our rescue.

I spoke to friends, I’ve googled and YouTubed options and still nothing is helping budge the door. It’s stuck. Frozen. Bloody irritating.

And still, waiting for these guys to show up and sort the front door before somehow sorting my bedroom door, my need to pee hasn’t changed.


Community Windows Doors Repair limited opened my front door within seconds, came upstairs and removed the frame outside, before opening the door. Something to do with a spindle in the lock but we have been rescued and I can pee! Hurrah!

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