I’m suffering with dental pain and I’m so over it

Emily’s been having teething pains from hell this year, but recently, thankfully, she’s not been suffering. Whereas me, well, I’m just in agony. It’s not teething but since having dental surgery a few weeks ago, my mouth has been through hell and back and it’s not fun! I’m so over it. It hurts, the pain won’t seize and according to my dentist, it’s totally normal, so I’ve just got to crack on with it which really really really sucks.

Not only has my gums be suffering from red, sore tender swelling, they now have one less wisdom tooth, plus too many ulcers, that are giving too much pressure to areas in my mouth that hurt like hell. It’s making chewing and eating certain foods difficult. Tea can’t be drunk hot, drinks that are too cold hurt too and I’m sort of stuck in between in limbo.

Currently I’m sitting with a cotton ball in my mouth soaked in apple cider vinegar, trying to ward off the pain and numb the ulcers that plague my mouth. Hot salty water doesn’t seem to help, but then beyond the stinging sensation, this is useful for sore or infected gums as the salty hot water will kill off the bacteria and ease the pain.

I really hope this pain ends soon. I’m not sure if I can carry on with eating soft foods for too long.

Dental pain really sucks.

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