Autumn is here and I love it

Now that November is here the mornings and nights are darker, the days colder and the floor littered with leaves, autumn is well and truly here. Amongst it all, the Sky daily has been beautiful. Looking out across the field near our house, we can see the stunning colours filling the sky as the sun sets over the night sky.

I love the autumn. The colours of the leaves, vibrant vegetables, pumpkin carving (although that was a few weeks ago), hot chocolate, cosy nights in, cheese roasties and family games, or the endless amounts of good tv – there always seems to be better tv this time of the year.

We’ve had a few up and down weeks here in Ramsgate, some weeks have been so wet, damp and cold, that colds have hit the house, the radiator has been on a few times and staying in was favoured more than going out, but the autumn that has been comforting has been nice in the run up to December in a few weeks. Soon it will be Christmas and the cold sharp spell of freezing will be upon us.

With this time of the year, I can cook more soups and heart warming dishes in the slow cooker. Who doesn’t love a slow cooker anyway? I love it.

What’s your favourite season?

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