I’m in London

The sun is shining, the weather an absolute stunner, which is a far cry from the horrible wind storm we had last week, it’s deliciously beautiful and whilst I sat waiting for a meeting in Twickenham this morning, looking out onto Richmond and St Margaret’s I count my lucky stars just how fortunate I was growing up here.

Earlier whilst waiting in the reception, a guy came in and stated he’d never been to Twickenham before, he’s a north London boy so why should he. I find it barmy that he didn’t ever come south of the river, I’ve been to north London plenty of times but the south west of London is somewhere that needs to be explored if you haven’t.

Today isn’t so much just about business and work, that’s only a small part of it. The weather means I can take Emily out and explore what west London has to offer.

This afternoon we’re going to Hanwell Zoo, formerly known as The Bunny Park, a first time visit to a zoo for Emily. The zoo is open everyday apart from Christmas Day, 10am -5pm April 1st – September 10th and 10am – 4pm September 11th – March 31st. It’s cheap with adult tickets only costing £3.50 and Emily is free (under 3’s are free), otherwise it’s £1.50.

Located in Brent Lodge Park in Hanwell, known locally as the “Bunny Park” has been home to a centre for all ages to see and get up close to a wide range of animals including mammals, birds and reptiles since 1975. Other facilities within the park also include a maze made up of 2000 yews, a café, play area and free (limited) car parking.their animals include meerkats, lemurs, porcupines, red-crowned cranes, poison arrow frog, owl butterfly, mandarin duck, blue morpho, Mara, little egret, mice and goats & pigs.

Around the zoo today, there’s plenty more exploring to come in the shape of more greenery. Tomorrow I’m seeing a friend who last month had a little boy, go to a park for a runaround, before meeting my cousin for lunch on the Embankment in Twickenham. There’s so much on offer to entertain all ages here and if West London isn’t your thing, it’s only 40 minutes to London Waterloo on the South West Trains.

I know there’s a lot I’d like to cover and now that October is only a few days away, the weather won’t be as warm as this so some places will have to wait until next summer, but what I can squeeze in over the next few days I’m sure Emily will love to get out on her next adventure and explore!

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