One of the most exciting things is happening in a few days and it’s all down to Aldi

If you’re not a bit of a homebody who loves to cook, this isn’t an exciting post for you. But for me the news that Aldi is taking on French Brand Le Creuset gives me so much joy. Anyone who knows about the crème de la crème of cooking brands, will know what I mean. With the news that Aldi are taking on Le Creuset, I can finally afford to buy cast iron kitchen utensils without breaking the bank.

Since Le Creuset began producing its first porcelain enamelled cast iron pots in 1925, they have grown to become a leader in kitchen utensils, bakeware and cookware but with a hefty price tag. You probably have seen some of their most famous cast iron pots in their trademark orange colour, but vibrant works and so does black, and usually stunned silence when you realise a 25cm cast iron tatin dish available in 2 colours, will set you back £109 or even their food unearthed mixed 3 piece starter set, also available in 4 colours will set you back a staggering £374, currently on sale for £260 on their outlet store.

I know, mind boggling.

Every week Aldi offers a SpecialBuys range and this week sees cast iron tajebon the big boys, with the most expensive piece costing just £25, Aldi’s new range is a fraction of the price of luxury brand rivals. Available to pre-order online already, following in stores from tomorrow Thursday 20th September. Aldi’s fabulous new range is available in three classic kitchen colours – Cream, Grey and Red.

Honestly, I’m so excited!

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