Why Amazon Prime’s subscribe and is a lifesaver for any parent

I’ve been an Amazon Prime member since last year and I love it. I signed up admittedly because my niece wanted a particular doll, a Monsters High doll that I said I’d buy for her and couldn’t find anywhere, apart from Prime. But I don’t just use Prime for its useful services like next day delivery, although it is a bonus for sure, I use it for buying things that usually cost the Earth in the supermarket, all through their Subscribe & Save service. It’s brilliant. I love it and I do think any mum who has a busy life, should consider signing up just for that service alone.

Unless baby events happen often and there a lot of stock, buying baby products in bulk usually comes with a hefty price tag. Also, I usually don’t have enough space to hoard it all but with Amazon’s Subscribe & Save service, I get Emily’s sensitive baby wipes delivery (delivery at no extra cost), delivered every month for a affordable price.

Some may say it’s lazy to buy online and it’s destroying the high street but the high street isn’t exactly cheap anymore s from if I can save the pounds online, it makes sense to do so. Amazon provides free next day delivery, which saves on costly delivery charges. I often buy Emily’s books on Prime, some toys, kitchenware and anything else that I need that saves time and convenience all in a click of a button. If you’re looking to save money I’d recommend signing up for the Prime service. If the idea of spending £79 in one swoop makes you balk, you can pay monthly which is £7.99. Or try it for free for a month and see how you get on!

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