Come slim with me 

I have tried various diets since Emily arrived and failed on just as many losing the weight. I’ve tried Slimming World, a milkshake or two, restricting calories, different diets, following a dvd and plan and still I’m not where I want to be with my weight and it’s all down to bloody motivation. Oh and snacking. You know who you are (pointing at the snickers in the cupboard). But now, now that I have something to work towards, I’m kicking my flat behind up a notch and am going to do this. Fuck, I have to. Emily’s christening is coming up in a few months and I shift at least a stone to make myself happy whilst looking pretty damn hot in a dress. The last time I wore a dress I was pregnant and even though i have a few lovely dresses in the wardrobe, my wobbly middle and big busty chest, just makes it all look so, messy.

So instead I’ve downloaded the last app to really just push me. The NHS lifestyle choices app to help me lose weight over the next 12 weeks. Goodbye snacking, goodbye drinking glass of wine in the evening, goodbye large portions, instead, here I am, walking around with a water bottle attached to my hip, forcing myself to drink 500ml of water every 2 hours until I hit 3 litres and topping it up with herbal teas and fruit in between.

I’ve already started this week, feeling not the greatest, but I’m powering through. Sunday night I had the worst tummy and spent most of the night, well, in the bathroom, so I didn’t sleep the full night that I needed to get this weekend off to a flying start but I am doing the no snacking, filling up on water, I’ve had a week of healthy breakfasts with the fibres and vitamin I needed and lunch had 4 of my 5 a day vegetables in it. I made a big batch of my roasted Cauliflower pesto pasta, so I had lunch for the week. Dinners are a mix of favourites but smaller portions for me.

Like I mentioned before I want to lose 2lbs a week and think it’s possible with lots of walking, and dancing around the front room with Emily to the music channels. I want to be looking great and feeling better in time for summer.

Who’s with me..?

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