Warning to all parents, new Argos scam doing the rounds, please be careful 

2018 can’t seem to start with a bang without its fair share of scams doing its rounds again and after last weeks news about social messaging service Whatsapp being caught up in one, now it’s catalogue shop Argos. Text messages are being sent by fraudsters claiming to be Argos to trick you into clicking on the URL to find out what package is waiting. According to FamilesOnline.co.uk the text message tells the recipient there’s a package waiting and to click on a link that transfers them to a scam website.
However, you’re redirected to a website where they attempt to grab your details with cheap iPhones. No matter how good the deal may be, don’t fall for it. If you receive you a message call Action Fraud straight away on 0300 123 2040.
Alternative versions of the scam include messages telling customers they are due a £180 refund for their “Argos card” and all they need to do to access the money is click on a link which subsequently asks for bank details.

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