Emily walked a few steps last week, not long till she starts walking 

A few weeks ago Emily decided to get up one Sunday evening and use her zebra walker properly. She walked from the sofa to the TV with her walker with no hesitation. Usually the walker, which I bought her 2 months prior was used as a climbing frame or to play with the buttons on the front. Roll forward a few weeks and Emily decided to take a few steps. Starting off with 1, the. 2, then 3, 4 & 5. All because she had a slice of apple in her hand and her Lego in the other and couldn’t figure out how to move from the sofa to the table. 

She’s trying, really trying to walk and who knows, by Christmas she may very well do so. She’s keen to continue exploring. She loves being an adventurer. Some of her friends have conquered the walking, others are yet to, but give it a few weeks and I think she’ll be taking her baby steps properly. 

Go girl! 

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