Tummy bugs can go to hell 

I’ve just got over a really nasty tummy bug. Something had been brewing for the past week, and I had no idea what it was until it came to light Wednesday night after cooking a spicy dinner. Wednesday night was the night I decided to cook the Pheasant I had bought at the game store from Broadstairs Food Festival, I had defrosted it and searched the internet for a good recipe that could tickle Sam’s tastebuds. I decided on spice. The recipe looked perfect, and it was, had I not cooked the Pheasant a little too much making it tough, and for whatever reason the spices in all that I cooked decided that would be my trigger for my tummy bug and boy did it bring hell with it. All of Wednesday night I spent clutching that toilet bowl, bringing up every inch of my being, crying, shaking, overheating and feeling closer and closer to death as it took over me. It was horrific. On a few occasions I heard Emily cry out for a dummy and Sam trying hopelessly look for one not realising I was in the bathroom feeling awful. When he saw me he knew. 
Tummy bugs are horrible. Whatever your age, whatever the symptoms, whatever the length of time. The build up to it was a week, the actual length of being physically sick was just over 24 hours. Thankfully. I don’t think I could have coped if it was any longer. Sounds dramatic but if you’re a parent, you’ll know what I mean. My mother-in-law helped a lot and thank god for the wall gate too – I didn’t have to constantly watch Emily beyond a point whilst feeling shit on the sofa. 

I don’t need to go into full detail of what my tummy bug was or entailed and it definitely wasn’t food poisoning because I annoyingly cooked that Pheasant to death, Sam didn’t get sick and I was obviously building up to something. Emily seemed to copy me at times but thankfully allowed me to nap most of the afternoon, whether she was in her cot or sleeping soundly next to me. By Thursday eve I managed a few carrots and a little gammon for dinner and half a bottle of plain water all day. Thanks to the wonders of Dioralyte I managed 2x 200ml of water, even though the smell is misleading and the taste is just gross or “pleasant” as it says on the packaging – slight lie. For a few days after my body felt awful. Click, cranky, sore, achy, raw and painful. Emily felt so heavy every time I carried her around. Whilst the worst of it has gone, my body still feels very fragile. 
Now the worst is gone, I really hope that is it now before Christmas, I wouldn’t wish that bug on anyone. Horrible. Its not nice ever getting sick, and I really hope Emily, Sam or any of my family and friends don’t get ill before Christmas. In the meantime, however the weather looks outside, make sure you wrap up and keep warm. xoxo 

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