I had a driving lesson with Emily in the car and it was scary stuff 

A few weeks ago I asked my driving instructor whether it was cool to have a car seat with a teddy bear in it to get used to the idea of having another ‘body’ in the car and she said “bring Emily you’re ready!” And wasn’t it an experience! Usually when we go out and we’re in a car, whether it’s with family or friends, I either sit in the back with her or she has a friend to laugh and entertain her in the back. This time, obviously was so much different. This time I was in the hot seat and she was alone in the back of the car and not a happy bunny. 

The lesson lasted an hour and the first 15 minutes, wow, were difficult indeed. Thankfully my driving has children and grandchildren herself had patience throughout, entertained Emily with what she could from the car, until the cars motion sent Emily into a sleep and the rest of the lesson went by pretty well. There were, admittedly, a few times I looked out my left wing mirror, caught a glimpse of the car seat in the back and forgot to pay a little more attention to the road, but once I got used to her in the back I was fine. I’m pleased I did it. It had to happen. One day when I am driving and it’s just me and her, I need to be prepared for what could happen if she has a tantrum or a meltdown in the back of the car, that I know I can carry on till the next exit or whatnot. 

The whole experience for any parent driving in the car with your child of any age must be daunting and total respect to the ones who do the drive home from the hospital. Woah. Big stuff. It’s scary, draughtiness, frightening but you get used to it. I’m sure throughout the next 10 years there will be times when I’m driving and I’ll be caught offhand with a tantrum or whatnot from Emily that could cause panic but the main thing is to stay calm. 

Anyway, I’m pleased I did it. I needed to.

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