Thanet needs more things to do for children under 5yo 

Last Thursday, Emily and I met up with Clare and her daughter Scarlet. Being half term the opportunities to do anything with our girls in the rain was limited and we bravely thought taking our little ones to the Bumble Bees soft play area would mean that parents would avoid it because it was half term. But we were wrong. Whilst Emily and Scarlet slept soundly in their car seats, we walked into carnage. Screaming children of all ages running around the carpeted arena, shouting mayhem, high on sugar, giggles and the latest pop music. Staff hurried around making coffee, taking food orders and trying to keep big smiles on there faces as the room appeared to get louder and louder. We, thankfully only stayed for a cuppa and a cookie, before getting up and leaving. Right on cue Emily woke up continually shaking her head and Scarlet started crying, it really was too much and a nightmare. We’ll definitely not be hurrying back in a half term unless for a party, force or vodka. 

From there we tried one other place, which too was packed, quite surprising seeing as their soft play area is about the size of my front room. So we decided on my local instead, for lunch, tea and a little space for our girls to stretch their legs. As lovely as our afternoon was, it is disappointing that Thanet or Kent as a whole, doesn’t offer more for children of all ages. There’s plenty of cafes, restaurants, shops, activity centres and whatnot, but there isn’t enough places for young children to be entertained unless in the comfort of your own home. As half term starts most activities stop or come with a ridiculous price tag. It’s not fair on our children. There should be better options available. Whilst Thanet has plenty of things to do all year round, activities for children starts to dwindle the younger you get. As Emily is still crawling, any activity involving lots of walking or any is pointless if she has to be confined to her pram. Anyone who has a mobile baby itching to start walking, knows that sitting pretty for long periods of time is pretty much a no-go. 

Whilst Thanet has beautiful parks, churches & cathedrals, museums, bays, a royal harbour and sandy beaches, there just isn’t enough inside activities for the colder months. Of the soft play areas that are available, there’s limited options and space. It would be nice that more options were available especially now that it’s getting colder. I dread to think what it will be like in a few months when it’s depressing, cold, wet and windy to even go outside. 

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