Park rant: children’s play areas

Okay so I’ve got something I need to rant about, I know I know not another rant, I seem to be pushing a few of these out every few weeks, but here me out because there is a point to it, I promise! My problem is why do teenagers feel the need to take over children play areas when it comes to half term, or in the evenings? Hear me out. There’s been a lot of posts of arguments and questions from locals in Ramsgate, some young, some old, some my age, where we feel that there are too many youngsters who are going around disturbing the peace, causing mayhem, basically fucking up a lot of things and it’s not fair. Last Wednesday afternoon I went to my local park, because it was a beautiful Autumn day and perfect for Emily to enjoy some fresh air and swing time – who knows we may make some new friends. Anyway, for the best part of 45 minutes, the children’s play area was populated by children of Emily’s age, and a few others under the age of 10 along with their siblings and parents enjoying the park. Then, as if by magic, the wind changed and what sounded like a swarm of killer bees, a pack of giggling naughty hyenas or something to that ridiculous effect, a group of boys and girls, mostly boys heading into the park with their scooters, bikes and stupid hover board things, shouting, screaming, effing and blinding ready to disturb the peace. 

Why? Why was that needed? 

Anyone who knows the Warre Recreation Ground next to Ramsgate station off Newington Road, know that it’s a lovely recreational ground, with tennis courts, a huge field, a small children’s play area, basketball courts and even a skate area, where most of these teenagers frequent day in and day out. The past week has been half term and even with the weather drastically changing every day, there are still limited options to go out with our little ones or even the older kids unless your parents are willing to drag you around Westwood Cross Shopping Centre, living by the sea in the winter months, admittedly is shit. There isn’t enough around to entertain all folks but if the sun is shinning, try something else rather than terrorising others in the town centre or taking over children parks. I don’t like to feel pushed out of doing something as an adult and definitely not with my daughter. Emily was happy going down the slide without a group of swearing youths swinging out of posts, climbing up the slides and making us feel unwelcome. I’m all for kids getting out and enjoying the fresh air but there’s no need to be pricks about it. The park is for everyone. Just saying. 

Rant over. 

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