Losing my pregnancy weight 

Losing pregnancy weight isn’t easy. It’s pretty dam tough. Any mother who gained weight during pregnancy will agree than it’s tough to lose weight quickly unless of course you’re some celeb that has the on-tap fitness trainers to kick you up your arse before you go back into the spotlight again. Since Emily was born, I naively thought I’d lose the weight with a click of my fingers, but I didn’t. Instead even though I wasn’t eating as much, instead opting for surgery fatty snacks with far too much calories needed in one sitting, I still found I was sitting uncomfortably in the same weight circle. That’s the fun thing with parenthood, unless you have control down to a fine skinny ‘T,’ snacking becomes your best friend and eating and drinking healthy pretty much flies out of the window. So I set myself a few tasks to see how easy it would be to lose that weight and it wasn’t easy. So I tried a milkshake diet, it can’t e that bad, or can it? 

Shake it Slim 

Yes I went there people, I went where I-don’t-know-why-she’s-famous-Bianca-Gasgoine went and did her milkshake diet and boy did it stink. If you count my bowel movements, the smell didn’t help either, but it was a terrible diet and here’s why. The Shake it Slim diet promises one or two things, either your lose the weight you want or it will help you manage your weight. 
So for 3 weeks I really went to town with this diet and it made me feel like shit. The problem with the milkshake diet was that it was far too sugary and required me to drink two milkshakes a day, which was impossible as I ran around after Emily. Although milkshake diets can work for some people, if you’re new mother trying to lose the baby weight, I wouldn’t recommend it. It made me feel lightheaded, sick and constantly crave sugary snacks to keep up with the sugar high I was already on. That can’t be good on a whole. 

So what were my stats:

  • Bra size: 40D
  • Clothes size: 14-16
  • Weight: 81KG
  • Aim: lose 2 pounds a week.
  • Exercise: 1-2 times a day for 20 minutes 

Now, at this moment, my stats are: 

  • Bra size: 36E
  • Clothes size: 14
  • Weight: 76.2KG 
  • Aim by holiday in September: lose 6lbs 
  • Exercise: 4x a week for 15-20 mins (fitness DVD), increase walking. 

Since those photos were taken (about April),  my tummy has decreased in size. I still have, what some people mistake as a little bump, it’s not a bump people, I’m not pregnant, it’s still a bit of a tummy. Realistically with 4 weeks to go it’s not going to be flat and bikini worthy, but with my new diet, yes, another one, hopefully I’ll lose those nifty 6lbs before I go. 

Fingers crossed! 

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