You’ve got a friend in me

When I moved to Ramsgate, I was worried about how many friends I’d make. I didn’t know anyone down here, I made two friends through Netmums prior who lived here, but we mainly just talked and I only met one, who although we’re still friends, she lives in another town. It was a huge worry that I wouldn’t be able to keep myself sane, be a loser behind a computer screen and just see everyone in my old life hang out as normal whilst I just hid in my room.

Now I have a group of friends here and I’m happy. I don’t need a huge group of mates, the group that I do have, suit me just fine. That’s the great thing about making a good group of friends. You can meet up often or not at all because you know the banter and whatnot that you share will always be the same and they’ll always have your back. It’s funny how friendships change throughout your life and the best way to really discover who your true friends are is when you have a baby. I’ve written about it in the past and I won’t go on about it but you’ll really notice a difference in those who step up and those who don’t. 

Moving here was a huge step for me and although at the time it was incredibly difficult to fit in and missed my hometown more than anything, now I couldn’t imagine living anywhere else. Isleworth is just my hometown and that’s the place where I visit family and some friends. Every time I visit home, I miss Ramsgate. I miss my friends. I miss the life that I have now, not the life that I once had in Isleworth. Although I haven’t been friends with them for long, I’m really pleased that I have friends I have now. I don’t know where I’d be without them. 

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