Funny what a difference a year makes 

It really is amazing what can happen in the space of a year. This time last year, I was sitting on my bed in my room listening to the commentator awarding the school kids at sports day in the field next door. I knew very little people, pretty much no one, whilst Sam worked in Kings Cross, Emily quiet inside my small bump, worried that I wouldn’t make friends, worried if I would be able to cut it here in Ramsgate, so much worry for a pregnant girl who missed home in a new town by the sea, two hours away from London.

Funny how time changes.

Fast forward a year and here I am, sitting on my bed, with my laptop, doing my work, with my beautiful seven-month-old baby sleeping soundly next to me. My worry, my anxiousness, nerves, fear that I would never fit into Ramsgate, the lifestyle, the quiet, has all disappeared, changed, gone forever. Now I call Ramsgate my home, Isleworth no longer, that’s my old life, a life that I won’t return to. I only visit Isleworth for my family who lives there and even some are moving away to a quieter, better life elsewhere. And I don’t blame them. Upon returning to Isleworth the other weekend, I couldn’t believe how much I missed Ramsgate. Isleworth, like London, is just far too busy, it’s mayhem. People have changed, or maybe rather, I’ve moved on and my old life with the people in it have stayed the same.

I have a great group of friends here, who I’m incredibly close to. I have friends all over, I suppose that’s the benefit of living in a small town, everyone knows each other and it definitely helps that Emily is here. She is my icebreaker. I remember a time, a few actually, whilst Sam was at work that I’d call my mum and cry down the phone worried that I wouldn’t fit in, that I wouldn’t make friends, that I couldn’t adapt to the quiet that I can’t live without now. Funny how I’m surrounded by seagulls squawking rather than the constant flight path of Heathrow. I live near a train station but rarely hear the trains, whereas in Isleworth you could hear everything, it was just so noisy, even though 40 minutes outside London. Ok, I’m not near my mum and I don’t see my niece as much as I wanted but I wouldn’t change this life for anyone. I have everything I need right here and it’s perfect. I have a great boyfriend, a perfect beautiful little girl and I have the most amazing friends who I couldn’t live without. This is the life. They say life begins at 30. For me, it really did.

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