Trying to diet as a new parent [pics] 

Trying to diet as a new parent has its negatives. Why would anyone want to give up junk food? The benefits are being slimmer than before, but eating 3 meals a day is a challenge, especially as a parent. I’m pretty sure the other morning I ate half a bar of chocolate and this morning, I didn’t eat. Not exactly healthy, but it’s difficult trying to stick to a diet when you have a baby/child.

Why don’t results show straight away? 

My life

Shut up pants, you know nothing! 

Damn your snacks

Dieting as a mum 

Does real fruit juice in sweets count in one of your 5 a day? 

Never stand on the scales 

This diet is dragging 

Will it ever go? 

Why aren’t the results showing yet? 

How to lose weight fast (not literally) 


Motivation is hard 

This is me, how can I gain weight when I’ve followed the rules? 


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