The Ellington Park Fair 

A few weeks ago, I met up with friends and attended Ellington Park fair in Ramsgate. I love this park, it’s a lovely space and only a 10 minute walk from the harbour. It’s a great play area to let your children let off some steam, has a play area for smaller kids, lots of shade, a band stand for entertainment in summer and an old little train track, which you used to be able to take your kids on and ride. Ellington Park is supported by a group of volunteers who work together to make this park amazing. The Friends of Ellington Park was founded in February 2010 by two local Police Community Support Officers who were concerned for the Park’s future as a safe and thriving environment for all. 

Every year in June, the park holds a fair for all to attend. Unfortunately, unless you are on Facebook or have friends who are in the committee who’ve put flyers up, or have been a long time resident of Thanet, no advertising is put in place for the fair. I missed out on this last year, as it took place a few weeks before I move down to Ramsgate. Last Saturday, whilst Sam, my mother-in-law, and his friends went to Wembley to see Millwall beat Bradford 1-0, I took Emily and we went to meet friends at the Ellington Park fair. It was a beautiful sunny day and the fair was packed. It was lovely to chill with friends in the sunshine, listen to the live music and watch the world go by. There were plenty of stalls with crafts, activities for kids, rides for small children and food & drinks stands. Only downside was the whole area was cramped around the footpath, which pretty much restricted any type of buggy left or right, forward or back. I’m pretty sure I ran over a couple of kids. It will be better to attend when Emily is a little older and can enjoy it more. She spent most of her time, either asleep or kicking her feet on the grass, but the heat was a little too much for her. 

It was reported that 7k visitors came last year to the event. I could tell you how many people walked through those gates, but there were so many people and you forget just how big Ellington Park really is. The fair supported by Ramsgate Town Council and Thanet District Council, even brought back their famous steam train for families to enjoy around their unique model railway. The live music was great and there was a dog show, but somehow we missed out on it. Good fun and free on charge. Will definitely be going next year. 

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