Mum’s talk: Juggling passion with career, is it possible? Interview with a working mum; Gemma, owner of Stick of Frock

Dolly Parton swears down that her cup of ambition gets her butt to work like the rest of the “folks like me on the job from 9 to 5.” But in this day and age, 9 to 5 rarely happens in the working world anymore and this rings true to every mama who works in a job, whether full time or part time before going home and being a mother to their kids. In a few months time, my maternity will end and I, like thousands of other new mum’s will be going back to work. Whilst many will be returning to the office, my office will be from the comfort of my home, as I have chosen that I want to freelance whilst seeing Emily grow up. Whether you’re a mummy going back to work or working from home, the idea of work can be daunting and the thought of doing all that whilst still being superwoman does feel scary and almost in a way, impossible! For some of us, going back to work is a financial need, for others, it’s a choice. Either way, whatever the reason, being able to juggle both roles of motherhood and work, deserves a medal of some kind, because it’s bloody hard work. But some mums choose to go above and beyond and find time between all that juggling to add a hobby or two to the mix, which can be rewarding and fulfilling.

Over the course of the summer, I’m going to speak to a working mum and find out what it’s like to work as well as being a mum. Find out how these superwomen manage it. First up is Gemma from Margate in Kent.



  • Age: 42
  • Lives: Margate, Kent
  • Children: Harrison, 12yo
  • Partner: Kev, a DJ
  • Work Experience: Retail since school, mainly in health & beauty
  • Current role: Part-time at Co-op and owner of Stock of Frock and Beauty Consultant for Jamberry Nails
  • Interests: Theatre, musicals, running, reading, Pilates and food

When did you think about starting your own business? Why did you start up Stock of Frock?

I started this business because I loved vintage clothes, but found that I could never find anything that fitted me. I found shops on the internet but it was all so expensive so I thought ‘Mum’s got a sewing machine she doesn’t use, I’ll just make it,’ so I just was making stuff I like, so I could wear it and be unique. Then people asked me to make bits for them, Santa sacks, makeup bags etc. Dresses are a bit more exclusive because someone can’t just say ‘I’m a size 12, make me a dress,’ it’s more bespoke than that. 

What was the aim?

My aim is to make retro inspired dresses for weddings, proms, parties etc all from the comfort of my home. I’d love to own a shop selling retro brands, like Irregular choice shoes and my dresses made to order.

As a parent, what attracted you to a business different to what you do during the day? If your side efforts kick off, will you give up your day job?

If I could I would love a shop where I sell Retro Brands, Irregular choice shoes and make my dresses to order. If it kicked off I would definitely give up work. As long as I made enough to pay bills and do nice things with my family, but that’s a long way off yet. So I just work from my spare room at the moment which is my place to go and zone out. sewing is very relaxing.

 Do you have a shop where people can view past items and order future items?

Not as of yet. Everything is done through my Facebook page. Made to order at present. 

Do you socialize more now with this venture?

It’s solitary work so don’t really get to socialize through it. I just make sure I plan Family time and personal time.

Do you have any upcoming events?

ladies night

Ladies night pamper and shop at The Sticky Wicket Sports Bar | May 25th |6.30pm – 10.30pm

You’re quite a busy mum with all your side ventures, how do you find time for yourself? How do you do it all? No, really. I need to know.

With a 12-year-old he isn’t really needy and spends most of his time in his room watching youtube and being unsociable. Ha! He’s a typical boy. My hours at work can be mixed so either on early or late shift. I think if I had more work on I might struggle a bit more. But it’s only recently I’ve wanted to do this seriously where before it has been making bits for friends. 

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Besides your vintage business venture, you are also a Jamberry Consultant. What is Jamberry? 

7 years ago 3 sisters created a line of DIY nail wraps. They were aimed for women to be creative from the comfort of their home, using durable materials with long-lasting results. I joined Jamberry because I loved the products and wanted to earn a little extra money. Jamberry was perfect because I can be my own advert wearing what I’m selling. It’s definitely a bonus if you love your product as much the job. It makes it feel more like a hobby. 

How does one become a Jamberry Consultant? 

If you want to become a Jamberry consultant, they can join by my page. I will become their sponsor and give them the support they need and direct them to the right training tools and other Facebook pages. The support network for Jamberry Consultants is fantastic. It did surprise me about how much everyone within the company wants everyone to succeed. There’s a whole lot of business tools, online resources and information available to everyone who joins, the support is endless. You can achieve the impossible and it works so well around your hectic life, especially if you’re a mum. ‘Do what you love for a living.’

If you want to become a Jamberry Consultant, click here.

What’s a Jamberry Party? How do I go about hosting one? 

Everyone loves a good party, but what if you hosted a party for your friends and earn rewards from it. If you host a party with Jamberry, you can earn free nail wraps, product credit, discounts, free shipping and host exclusive items. It’s never been easier to host a party, you just need a location and guests, once you’ve got that sorted the rest is pretty simple. The best thing about hosting a Jamberry party is that there is no age limit, your guests can be as young or old as you like. 

Speak to Gemma today about hosting a party.

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