I love the conversations Emily and I have… 

In the past few weeks, Emily has been more theatrical with her sounds. They aren’t actually words, much to Sam’s disappointment she hasn’t figured out how to say ‘Dada’ yet but her little noises daily, from quiet little babbles trying to figure out something on her playmat, to the loud ones when out with friends for the day. It’s pretty amusing.  In the first few months, the only form of communication Emily could pass on to us to tell us anything was crying. Crying for food, crying for sleep, crying because she needed her nappy changed, crying because she needed more sleep, crying for no reason or just crying because she was well, crying. But fast forward another few months and the crying has subsided and replaced by some gurgles and a lot of high-pitched noises. There’s a little less sobbing and it depends on what the occasion calls for it but sometimes even the bottom lip can just go because why the heck not?!

Now that her communication has stepped up a level, it’s lovely to see how easily amused she is, how much she wants to interact (or not) by the faces we pull and the sounds we make. She’ll get angry with herself if a toy doesn’t do what she wants it to and voice her concerns about that too or let everyone know when she’s happy as with it too.

I love the fact she can express herself a lot more than before. I make a silly face and she beams a big bright smile at me and I love that. I love the fact that she’s so talkative too, she’ll respond to whatever I say with lots of different sounds. Sometimes loud, sometimes mumbles, whichever pitch of her vocals, I love that we can have little conversations together on a daily basis.

We’ve got a good few months before she starts saying anything else but I can see that she’s trying. She loves watching her grandma pull funny faces, her daddy makes different shapes with his mouth and her mummy tries to make her laugh. The noises she makes is her early signs of “talking.” Her talks and little ways are her showing off her language skills. It’s all gibberish but I love it. I can’t wait for what’s to come, the all important first word. So the big question is, what will it be?

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