My postpartum make up routine is pretty much non existent 

Since just before I had Emily putting on make up was a bit of a chore, I wanted to put it on to make me feel better but most of the time I just couldn’t be arsed. After Emily arrived, the ‘couldn’t be arsed’ bit has upgraded to ‘can’t be f*cked.’ Honestly I don’t have the patience or time to do so. Why? Well, have you ever tried to do something and you’re so close to completion then something happens, an interference of some kind and it puts those plans of completion on hold for a little while longer? That’s me with make up and also when painting my nails. Being a mum and trying to look pretty with a bunch of make up slapped on just doesn’t work for me. I’d rather look fresh faced with a bit of face cream than Worzel Gummidge. I put on make up for special occasions and whatnot and really do try making an effort moreso at the weekends and I have a little more time to play around with but this really does vary. Last Sunday for example, I managed to put my make up on in less than 15 minutes whilst Emily was entertained by DipDap on Cbeebees but I somehow managed to get eyeliner (which I wasn’t even using!) inbwtween my eyebrows and down my nose. I must have walked around like this for a while before Sam even noticed and mentioned it to me over breakfast.

They say in your baby’s first year you notice more than ever the changes in your beauty regime as the existing time you spent pampering yourself like blow drying your hair in front of the TV watching Friends is no more and you should find ways to achieve results in looking good but on a time budget. So what can you do to look and feel your best now that you’re short on time? I say do what feels comfortable. 

Make up 

At this moment in time most of the make up I bought just before I had Emily is still sealed and sitting in my drawer and in all honesty, I’m fine with that. My skin isn’t drab looking, I’m not covered in spots and I don’t look like shit on a daily basis. I have a daily routine that I stick to to keep my skin looking fresh and at this moment in time, it works for me. Currently my face relies on face creams, toners and exfoliating face washes. Works for me. 


A month ago I reviewed having my hair done at JoJo’s Hair & Beauty on Newington Road, putting the yummy into yummy mummy and since then my hair has mostly been covered by hats or worn as a bush on top of my head. I love the colour and the hair style but even though the idea was for it to be more manageable, it just isn’t. Emily’s at an age now where she grabs hold of anything and gone are the days where I can even have my hair in my signature go-to style of piggy tails. 


Like my pregnancy I mostly live in leggings. I love my leggings and until I zap away my tum tum, this are staying for a good while longer. Apparently sweatpants and trackies are the go-to outfit of choice for new mothers or so says the woman I sat next to in the children’s centre a few weeks back- they’re comfy and people don’t bother you when your outfit screams new mum! Er?! The first few weeks after Emily was born I went through quite a few tops on a daily basis due to the fun part of breastfeeding (leaks) and baby sick but the top changing has cut down drastically unless of course Emily isn’t well. I do have bulges I need to cover and my leggings and oversized hoodies, jumpers and cardigans do a great trick of covering that at the moment which works just fine for me. 


I have areas that need to be worked on and would like even after 3 months to shift the weight and get my pre-pregnancy tummy back but I do know it took 9 incredible months growing Emily, my body just isn’t designed to spring back into action that quickly nor should I expect it to. I have had my moments of tears when choosing a swimming costume in full length mirrors in Debenhams or having to give into post-pregnancy bra’s that support my post-breastfeeding days in not-so-sexy lingerie, if you can even call it that (tents being another good word). I’m still terrible at eating 3 meals a day and snack way more than I should but it’s down to routine. I buy the stuff I want then either comfort eat it or forget about it. I’m better at eating my evening meal when Sam and I sit down to dinner. Chocolate or fruit… come on! 


Thankfully living in Thanet and not being able to drive sure does have its benefits, not for the right reasons but still, not being able to get on the bus due to being one of hundreds of parents and their broods doing the same, I like to walk everywhere. Most of the area is surrounded by hills which works wonders for your bum, tum and legs. I may not have shifted much weight since Emily’s birth but I have managed to lose most of my tummy. If I pop Emily in the buggy, get on a pair of comfy trainers, comfy clothes (leggings!) and if Emily’s asleep, pop in my headphones, I’ll walk where I need to walk to. Currently walking is my thing but I’m now going to introduce a daily routine of exercises, stretches and yoga. 


Luckily Emily sleeps so well at night now, gone are the days of sleep deprivation. Having a healthy sleep routine is key for me. I used to be really ratty if I didn’t get a good night’s sleep but since pregnancy, I’ve learnt to choose my zzz’s carefully and since Emily has been 7 weeks old she sleeps an average of 6 hours a night before a feed and another 4-5 hours after with various catnaps throughout the day. 

I think there’s a lot of pressure from magazines to look good far too quickly after birth but you should stick to what you feel is right and comfortable for you. It took 9 months to grow a baby and that took a lot out on your body, skin and hair, so cut yourself some slack and give yourself a break. 

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