This weather makes socialising difficult


I love being by the sea. I moved here last June and as last summer was one of the hottest on records, being by the sea was bliss until it was too hot. I love the sun. I love being in it, barbecuing in it, dozing in it, sunbathing in it, socialising in it and more but I hated it towards the middle of summer because I was pregnant. I had a bun in my oven and my whole body was an oven. It was hot, sweaty, sticky, just gross. I was a hot mess in places you don’t even wanna know. Now that it’s March, the weather is something different. So far this year we’ve had hurricane winds, torrential rain and the odd sunny day, the usual start to the English year but being by the sea sure does have its negatives when the weather goes from hot hot hot to cold cold cold.

I come from Isleworth, a small town of Saxon origin sited within the London Borough of Hounslow in west London. My previous life was filled with constant planes travelling low overhead, a lot of traffic and a lot of noise, not sure where most of it came from but there was a lot of it! Even though Isleworth was 40 minutes, by train to London Waterloo, the air was clean but still polluted by Heathrow 20 minutes up the road and constant traffic trying to reach their inner city lifestyle. Down here in Ramsgate, the air is fresh, clean and we have the sea 5 minutes down the road by car, 20 minutes walk with a buggy. The air honestly doesn’t get much cleaner or fresher than down here. Sometimes even you can smell the manure from the farming fields up the road but that’s once or twice in the summer! I love to live by the seaside, it’s definitely healthier than living inland.

  • You can’t exactly pop down to the beach for a brew with your bestie and your kids because you may in fact be blown off to France
  • The sea is a dangerous place, it’s not an area you can just go down and wander near
  • When the sun goes in, everyone who goes out over populates all cafes, restaurants and shopping areas
  • There’s limited places to do any form of activities when the weather is crap
  • It can get really cold and the wind is unbelievable when it wants to be
  • The local transport seems to just stop being of any use when the weather changes
  • The only area where you can go when the weather is shit is Westwood Cross (shopping centre)
  • Ramsgate is a sleepy town, everything seems to stop when the weather and seasons change

Ramsgate needs to pump a little more money into the area to provide a a little bit of everything  for everyone. There’s so many people from London who are interested in moving down here and it is a much better way of living. The calm alongside the peace and quiet (I live near a train station and can’t hear any of the trains, only seagulls, if that daily), is really quite something, you can’t beat it. If news is true that the pavilion on the seafront is going to be refurbished to be England’s largest Wetherspoon, the £4.5 million being pumped into it will hopefully mean Thanet council will see sense to add a little more money around the seafront and surrounding areas to make Ramsgate a town perfect for all seasons and not just for summer.

It has to be noted this is only a temporary thing that happens when the weather is crap because when the sun is out to play, living by the sea is the best thing ever. If you don’t believe me, come down to Ramsgate this summer, you’ll really kick yourself that you chose Brighton over us!


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