I drink wine and formula feed, so what… 

There are so many people out there quick to judge others for whatever reason and it’s something I’ve noticed a lot being a new mum. Like the fact I don’t breastfeed anymore, the shock that I gave up so easily even though we both had thrush and it was painful and now that I don’t breastfeed, and even worse that I can ever dare to actually allow myself a glass of wine. Motherhood isn’t about skinny waists, perfect hair and being the perfect mother, it’s so much more than that. 

I know there will be people who read this post and disagrees that drinking something alcoholic is terrible as a new parent, but I really don’t care. Us parents go through so much stick at all stages of pregnancy to parenthood from those who have children to those who don’t. I’ve heard my fair share of crap from the masses throughout my pregnancy right up to a few minutes ago sitting on this bus. My daughter throws up, burps and farts whenever she pleases and cries when she bloody well wants to, too. Mum’s are people too and if they want to let loose for a while they should be allowed to do so without being judged by every Tom, Dick and Jane. That doesn’t mean going out raving every day of the week, but if you want a glass of wine or two, I think you should be allowed to do so when and where you please and what you choose to sink, should be your choice too. In the pub last weekend, someone made a comment about how I was feeding Emily with formula and that I had a large glass of wine in front of me aswell. They just wouldn’t accept it. She even tried to secretly judge me when she sat back down with her family and decided to stare at me for the rest of the evening. How very dare I! 

Everyone should be allowed to have a freedom in their choices as a new parent. I’m not saying go wild but if you want a glass of bubbly after pushing out your baby, bloody well have it. There are too many people quick to judge and form part of the parent police. Mother knows best, no one else, you know what your limit is, don’t let other peoples judgements and opinions get in your way or hamper your mind. 

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  1. tendingtobaby says:

    I consider drinking a necessity as a new parent!! How do other people get through the rough days without a glass of wine?! Unfortunately I’m too tired for more than one glass but I’m not opposed to sipping away while bouncing a screaming baby to sleep.

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    1. Thank you! Totally agree. That comment alone gets a virtual high 5! x


  2. Nadia L. Botha says:

    I can’t wait to join you in a couple of months! My vino and I had a serious relationship that is now tarnished… I need to repair it before it’s too late… 😛
    Judgemental old farts can go and play in the traffic or something.
    Cheers Mama!


    1. How’s everything going? x


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