Days out: Canterbury with Emily & Sanna 


  • Return train tickets (Margate/Ramsgate) to Canterbury: £5.70
  • Duration of train journey: 31 minutes

We had originally planned to meet at Kaspas the waffle & ice cream cafe, but eventually settled for Caffè Nero.  Canterbury is one of my most favourite places in the whole world. Canterbury is known for its stunning cathedral and the city itself was a pilgrimage site in the Middle Ages. The whole city is a history lesson in itself with stunning architecture, world heritage attractions, medieval adventures, glorious gardens and a shopping experience like no other. It’s like stepping back in time. Old cobbled streets, delightful little buildings, little alleyways and bustling museums all surround the stunning cathedral which dates back to 597AD.

Canterbury is not for yummy mummies and their big bulky Prams. History and quaint coffee shops are the main attraction around here and if your pram is built like a space ship like mine (Silver Cross Wayfarer) then you’re in for a surprise trying to find any coffee shop big enough to cater for you, your little one and your friends. We found Caffè Nero to be the only coffee house that could cater for three mum’s and our babies. With three Prams in different sizes, finding anywhere for us to sit down and natter over coffee was going to be a challenge anyway.

Canterbury is lush and if you haven’t visited Canterbury yet you need to put it on your ‘to do’ list. Unfortunately the afternoon was interrupted by rain, a lot of it. Whilst Sanna ran off to a play centre for the afternoon, Emma and I explored shops before having to wait a long time for a train home. What we didn’t realise is that trains after a certain point go back to one an hour ready for the evening commuters. We’ll definitely come back here and explore other areas but may wait for a day that isn’t rainy. There’s so much to do here for all ages covered from fun to informative and adventurous. 

The next time we go, we’ll hope to do more. Weather permitting obviously! 

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