Celebrating New Year’s as a new parent

Before I had Emily celebrating New Year’s eve would generally see me surround myself with my family during the day and then out with friends at night. I’d meet Beth, we’d make sure we were well rested and fed, before getting ourselves ready accompanied by a good bottle or two of Savvy B and our playlist of music. Whilst The Script play in the background and we choose our outfits for the evening, we’d laugh and joke about what’s in store for the night, because without a doubt the year will go out with a bang, there will be gossip that we’d laugh about, there will be an argument, someone who gets too drunk to remember anything, a lot of selfies, a lot of shots, a moment of crying in the toilet drunk (probably me) and then a friendship hug/waddle home before collapsing in bed and laughing at the state we got ourselves in the next morning. We’ve all done it. We’ve all had those nights where we’ve been young, free and single or even parties with the other half without a care in the world for another being apart from ourselves.

Thankfully those days of getting completely wasted have gone and this has done wonders for both my head and my bank balance. Now as a parent those days going out are restricted and I’ve got to say my first time being in with Emily was fine and I didn’t miss the whole ‘going out on the town’ bit. New Years Eve Sam and I were so tired we would have preferred it to go to bed early but that wouldn’t have happened with Emily. We had a few drinks, stayed up and watched Graham Norton and Robbie Williams live at Westminster and when midnight came, wished each other happy new year, had a kiss and cuddle with Emily and went to bed at 5 past midnight. We both weren’t in the mood for alcohol NYE, instead we both got ourselves up on New Year’s Day and went for breakfast before having a toast down our local. It was quiet and just what the doctor ordered. 

Celebrating NYE before parenthood 

  • NYE without children usually involves alcohol 
  • Meeting friends and family 
  • Getting dressed up 
  • Looking forward to midnight 
  • Discussing New Years resolutions with friends and laughing at how you’ll definitely stick to them this year over last year 
  • Promise yourself that this is the year you’ll finally get your act together 
  • Make a pact with your drunk friend that you’re going to drink less 
  • Dreading the hangover to come 

Celebrating NYE as a parent

  • Trying to stay awake for midnight
  • Wish that you can magically pause time to catch up on sleep 
  • Enjoy the peace (what you get of it when baby is asleep)
  • Have a tipple than instantly regret it when tiredness kicks in and the fear baby will be awake all night 
  • Get to stay in your PJ’s and no one cares 
  • Kissing your partner and baby to ring in your new Year and adventure with your family 
  • Beingchuffed as pie you don’t have to commute anywhere!
  • Being happy you don’t have a hangover 

From Emily, Sam and I, we wish you a happy new year and all the best for 2017. xoxo 


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  1. bethshepshep says:

    Don’t worry darling, I’m still flying the drunken New Year’s flag for us both! Isn’t the same without you though 🙂 xxxx

    Liked by 1 person

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