Feeding Emily has given me terrible backache 


For someone who’s had terrible backache most of her life, whilst pregnant I only experienced a day of pain in my back and that’s because I slept funny. But after a few days of Emily being here my back has suffered. My posture has never been that great to begin with but after labour, breastfeeding to bottle feeding and daily/nightly soothing and comforting Emily standing and rocking her, it’s been absolute murder on my back. Alongside my back pain, my joints hurt and some days my legs feel like they’re about to give way. This isn’t part of the agenda, have a baby… feel 90 years old. The constant nappy changing and carrying her around has put extra pressure on my back. It’s crazy to think motherhood is the bit the screws my back not the actual ldbour itself. Going from breastfeeding to bottle feeding it made little difference in how bad my back was.  Mum even bought me a great feeding pillow that certainly helps feeding her but still my back hurts, twinging as she grows bigger by the day.

I suppose it’s a given that lifting and carrying Emily will give me minor muscle aches and pains but sometimes I forget the simple rules that could help prevent such pain. I should be bending my knees more when I pick her up from her bouncer or play mat and I should be stretching more in the morning and looking after myself better than constantly just worrying about Emily. Thing is as a new parent we kinda forget about us and spend loads of time focusing on our newborns but without a healthy you, your baby, environment and general everything suffers. 


Whether your breastfeeding or feeding from the bottle, your posture is incredibly important 

When Emily arrived into the world I breastfed. I was completely confident in my decision to do so. I was committed and until the day I couldn’t do it no longer (8 days after her birth) Emily was on a mix of boob and bottle. 

 Being comfortable is important for both mother & child

Being comfortable when feeding your baby is really important. Backache is bad enough as it is, but having to try and feed your baby around them may seem like a great idea at the time, you’ll be paying for it later. My midwife showed me plenty of great techniques that helped when feeding Emily to reduce backache. 


Bottle feeding 


Seeing as I bottle feed I do have that bonus that I can get a rest and ask Sam to bottle feed Emily if it’s too much for my back or I need a rest to alieverate the pressure. If I feed her downstairs on the sofa, I have to sit by the end of the sofa with a pillow under my arm to help support her to get a better flow of the milk. If I sit on my bed, I need a lot of pillows and it helps relieve the strain on my legs. 

To help with the back pain I need to move constantly. I aim to go for a walk every day with Emily whether to the shops, Ramsgate harbour or to meet friends. It’s important to keep on my feet and to try and rest as much as I can. I’m looking forward to swimming with her to help ease the muscle tension and the cold weather to ease up to stop the stiffness. Hopefully the pain will cease when Emily gets bigger, although she’s only 5 weeks now, when she reaches the age that she can support herself, hopefully my back won’t suffer as much. 

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