“She’s too young for a routine…” 

Emily is three weeks old today. In that time she’s been breastfed and is on formula. When Emily was in my womb she was an active baby. Between 1am and 5am she liked to have her kick-about. Her moment to let her foot loose, get her dance on and let mummy know that she was there. During the day Emily feeds every 3-4 hours, rarely is she awake long enough after each feed and change to consider her surroundings, but when it comes to night, it’s like clockwork, she’ll make herself known that she’s awake and demand attention. Thankfully, even though I’m super tired, I’ll go downstairs, make myself a cuppa whilst waiting for her bottle to cool, get comfy on the sofa, stick on CSI and feed her. Generally she’d fall asleep pretty quickly after her feed and sleep soundly to the American forensics TV show playing in the background. 

The first few days home a routine or having one in place seemed like madness and they were a blur anyway. She’d feed, sleep, poop or shriek in uncertainty whilst we’d tip-toe around her, barely surviving on the sleep we go. It was chaotic – sleep when you can, eat when you remember, shower if you have a spare 5 minutes. But this all changes when a routine has been put in place. 

During the day I get sleep around Emily. Sam’s at work so I don’t need to do much unless there’s a load of washing that needs putting on or if I get a chance- make dinner. When a day plan is in place I try not to sleep much so I can get things that need doing, done. But having this routine in place for Emily makes it a little easier for me. Although nighttime is the same, she is still too young to try and train her out of that routine. Sam’s convinced if we try keep her awake st certain times during the day she’ll sleep better at night but trying to keep a 3 week old awake is seriously difficult when they only want 3 things – feeding, changing or sleeping. The midwife has said she needs to feed every 2-3 hours but her sleep patterns make her feeding times impossible. If she’s hungry sleep can wait but if she’s not, it takes a fair bit to wake her up. 
In in the past few days having I put a ‘bedtime’ routine in place for Emily. She probably sleeps 18 hours of the day but wakes every 2-4 hours to eat. In the evening I like to get her washed, ‘wash’ her hair, get her in her babygro (pjs) and wrap her up ready for the evening. At this moment in time she’s way too young to understand that nighttime is different to that of the day but hopefully by being a little quieter at night she’ll start to understand the difference or at least the pattern. Over the next few weeks she’ll get used to a change in her routine which will become more structured as she gets older, until then, sleep when you want little one. xx 

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