Mummy meet-up app’s 

Social media has grown rapidly in recent years and thanks to social networking sites, there are so many different ways for people to connect. With this, times have changed with the ways mums can connect. I never realised how hard it is to make new friends when you’re pregnant until I moved from SW London to Ramsgate 6 months ago. Apart from a few of Sam’s friends and family, I knew no one and I avoided Facebook daily to stop seeing my hometown friends carry on with their lives whilst I struggled to adjust to my new life, with a growing bump and missing my family like crazy. It was very isolating. Thankfully with the internet and so many mummy app’s now popping up left, right and centre, trying to make friends wasn’t as difficult as I expected it to be. Mummy app’s take the awkwardness out of “dating” other mothers. They’re like high-profile dating sites but for mums who are looking to meet other mums to connect, find play dates and socialise.


Mummy Social was set up by Josie, mum to two kids who set up Mummy Social with one aim – to meet new mum’s. This dating site for mum’s helps put you in touch with like minded mums in your area. The layout is pretty basic and is slowly taking shape, but there’s no rush as no numbers or personal details are exchanged with anyone, you can just make polite conversation about your bump or little one via private messages or on a public group or social page.

  • What I love about it: You can send a request for a coffee date with a mum in your area, which helps break the ice.
  • What I hate about it: There are still a lot of things that need to be added to the app especially a more up-to-date notifications system, because most of the time, I don’t receive notifications.

Available on Andriod & iPhone and on desktop.


Featured in The Guardian, Vogue, BBC and the Mail Online to name but a few, Mush was set up by mum’s Sarah and Katie after meeting in a local playground and noticing that apart from their daily lives being constantly surrounded by their children, they hadn’t had a proper adult conversation all day. This is where Mush came in. To help mum’s with small kids meet other mums. The mums from West London saw 5k mums sign up within the first few weeks in a bid to make new friends. Mothers simply need to upload a photograph, add key information such as their name, where they live, the ages of their children and a little bit about themselves.

  • What I love about it: Helps mums connect with other mums in your area, has a lot of areas to explore.
  • What I hate about it: The app can be slow at times and not all notifications come through when you want them to, so you constantly have to check the app.

Available on Andriod & iPhone.


Although traditionally known as UK’s biggest parenting website offering local info, expert parenting advice, chat, competitions, recipes and friendly support, Netmums is also a great place to meet new mums in your area or around the UK. I registered an account with Netmums before I moved to Ramsgate and made a few friends online, one of whom lived in Ramsgate and we met a few times for coffee before she moved to Whitstable.

  • What I love about it: Netmums coffeehouse. An online forum for mums to be and mums everywhere who want to discuss anything and everything that’s pregnancy or child related.
  • What I hate about it: The app is crap.

Available on iPhone.


Mums Meet Up connects mums locally and across the UK, enabling them to find mums like themselves in their area and playmates for their children. Launched in 2010, it attracted mums across the UK in need of forming new real life friendships rather than just an online friendship behind a laptop.

  • What I love about it: There are parenting videos about all the stages and ages of parenthood from parents and experts.
  • What I hate about it: Although they say they have an app, I couldn’t find one which makes the whole being social thing, a little less ‘social’ and more confined to your laptop.



Have I missed out on any app’s or know any that will knock the socks off the above apps’? If so, get in touch.




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