The final final few days (basically me ranting) 

They say the final few weeks and days drag and by God do they. When you get pregnant, you itch with excitement waiting to tell your loved ones, then there’s this long-ish dance about that can go quickly or last a while, then towards the final few months go up a few notches in speed then, BAM, last few weeks and days, they drag, drag like a motherfucker.

I have never been so bored just sitting here uncomfortably waiting…


I’m fed up of taking naps because I can’t sleep through the night…


I hate the fact my thumb clicks and my wrist screams in pain every time I try and hoist myself out of my bed..


I hate bouncing on my stupid birthing ball, it’s small and after a few bounces I have to just sit there till Sam can come and help me get off it…


I hate the fact my bladder can’t stand the physical powers of my baby’s head as she puts daily pressure on my bladder 65 times a day…


I hate getting pins and needles, swollen wrists and achy legs and back for generally just moving around…


I hate that pineapple, curry and most of those ‘pregnancy push foods’ don’t actually work and I naively thought my body would be oh so different…


I hate that I have to take 9 pills a day…


The fact that her movements now hurt me more than ever before….


The impatience is unreal…



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