Will you glam yourself up for the delivery room?

OK, OK, it sounds mad but there are a few things circulating around my mind about labour day that probably isn’t a concern to most but it’s plaguing my mind. I won’t be wearing make up, because let’s face it, I’ll probably get all sweaty and who likes to see drippy foundation and mascara clogging up your face and making you look like Chucky? But it would be good to have a few things, you know, prepped before the big event occurs.

Things ideally I want sorted before I go into that room:

  1. Shave my legs
  2. Bikini wax
  3. Put my hair up in a hairstyle
  4. Make sure my nails are done
  5. Take a quick shower

Shave my legs


I know it sounds mad and I probably shouldn’t be thinking of that of all things when my contractions are about to start, but who on earth wants to see hairy legs just as I push my baby out? No one, so I’d rather smooth legs than prickles.

Bikini Wax


OK, this one sounds just as mad, if not worse, but I don’t care who says it’s a little unhygienic to go clean shaven down there but there is no way in hell I’m having a bush down there. I know the midwives and doctors couldn’t care less if I’m clean shaved or not but just because I can’t see my foo foo does not mean I’m going to start getting careless now. The last thing I want is to look like a Yeti, so yes, this is most definitely happening.

Put my hair up in a hairstyle

I’m not sure what hairstyle I want to put my hair up in for the big day but I’ll probably want a hairstyle away from my face, so a plait or something. I loved this hairstyle my mum did for me back in 2013 but I’m sure if I really need to sort a hairstyle I can call on Sam’s cousin who is a hairdresser to pin my hair up and out of my face.

Make sure my nails are done


Whilst I won’t be caring much for my feet (I hate my feet and they’ll most definitely be covered up underneath comfy socks) my toenails will be painted as well as my nails will be trimmed, filed, buffed and painted ready for the delivery room. A nice lick of paint will make me feel better.

Take a quick shower


Whilst having a bath to relieve contractions will be part of my plan for the day, before we head to the hospital, I am going to try and have a quick shower. I want to smell of my favourite shower gel before I get all sweaty, before I look crappy and because it’s my last shower being pregnant. It probably won’t happen but the idea of it, makes me feel happy now.

Most of the above might not even happen but the idea that I have at least a few things under control before the big moment comes makes me stress less. So don’t judge me!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Nadia L. Botha says:

    I also have a little list like this before having my baby…
    By the looks of my skin these days, I’ll definitely be adding some sort of concealer as well… I don’t want to look 14 on my first photos with baby! Lol…

    Otherwise, the nails and toes, shaving, waxing and washing my hair is also on my to do list!


    1. Thank G I’m not alone Nadia. I didn’t really think about concealer, that could be a good idea!


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