Keeping busy in my final few weeks of ‘freedom’

Whilst most mums-to-be are running around like headless chickens or casually putting their feet up waiting for the days to turn to minutes when their contractions start, my month countdown begins and continues with a nasty cold that just won’t buzz off. As sleep has ceased to exist for the past few months with her being very active at all moments of the night, I tend to sleep when I can catch a moment of shut eye. Gone are the days when sleeping in the same bed as Sam at the same time is the norm, it’s now when and if I can get a bit of shut eye and she’s still not here yet. My eyes ache, my body cries for sleep but it’s nigh on impossible with her moving around so casually whilst using her head to headbutt my bladder.

Whilst days and nights roll into one, I’m trying to think of ways to keep myself busy and sane before her arrival. Seeing as rest is impossible and my ever so active mind kicks many hundreds of different thoughts, dreams and possible realities into my head, whilst up at 2am the other morning I decided to write a list of things that I want to accomplish before she gets here.

Get lost in a good book


Jane, my mother in law bought me a book for my birthday and apart from diving into the first 2 chapters, I just haven’t read anymore of it. It looks like a good book and I’ve got 3-4 other books that I want to read piling up on my chest of drawers that are yet to be read, but I’ve not done so yet. I’ve always been a fan of reading a good book and have in the past happily spent hours before bed glued to the pages of a good paperback but in this pregnancy I’ve struggled to keep my mind in a book, which, for me, is not normal.

My reading list:

  1. The Narrow Bed by Sophie Hannah 
  2. Along Came A Spider by James Patterson
  3. Drop Shot by Harlan Coben 

Try new recipes

I’ve always been a good cook and I’ve always enjoyed cooking and it’s a bonus that Sam loves what I cook, so meal planning is quite easy for me. Either I stick to the usual old favourites or throw in some new recipes too. Whilst I have this extra time off, I’ve been keen to try out some new recipes that can be stocked in the freezer ready for her arrival and also keeps me busy doing something else besides thinking about the birth to come.

Bake more

I love baking but haven’t loved it nearly as much as I have done since becoming pregnant. Probably because my social times are limited. Gone are the days of my days off involving going to the pub to meet friends, having a few vino’s and catching up on gossip. Now I spend my evenings debating what nail varnish I’m going to put on and what I’m going to cook during the week. Thanks to baking I’ve managed to get a little legion of followers who love my malteaser brownies, cupcakes and cakes that I can test my baking skills out on.

Get organised


My Monica from Friends moment has definitely kicked into gear in recent weeks and whilst my need to be organised has stepped up a notch, I’ve been trying to get myself organised through many different routes:

  1. Sorting through my emails
  2. Sorting out my blog
  3. Going through all my paperwork
  4. Sorting through all my computer files
  5. Rearranging her room even though she won’t be sleeping in it for the first 6 months

Catch up on TV shows I’ve missed

Thanks to SKY I’ve got plenty of shows that I’ve recorded that I want to see and 2016 has had some pretty darn good telly on. ITV has outshone itself with good drama in recent months so it’s been great to catch up on TV shows including Dark Angel, Cold  Feet, The Level, Paranoia and anything else that I’ve gained an interest in.

Go for walks 

Whilst my cold is in hopefully the final stages of its course, living near the sea and having so much space to walk around in should prompt me to want to walk more. I’ve always loved walking but the extra weight has been tiring to carry around and it’s not all flat surface down here in Ramsgate.

Use my birthing ball for exercise 

Sam bought me a birthing ball the other week and currently it’s being used as a great monument in front of the TV downstairs. I need to start using it for actual exercise in front of the TV rather than not. If anyone has any tips, let me know!

Have a few date nights

We’ve been so lost in getting prepared for her arrival, Sam and I have forgotten to have time to ourselves. Hopefully we’ll have a little time to ourselves before she comes before 2 becomes 3!

Stick to my Thursday catch up’s with Emma

Ever since I met Emma through social app Mummy Social in September, we’ve arranged to meet every Thursday since and visited lush little cafes in and around Thanet whilst seeing her two young boys grow up. Keeping our mummy dates in the diary have been great for my sanity, learning about motherhood to come and having the friend chat’s that I’ve missed for quite some time.

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