I’ve turned into Monica from Friends, help me?!


I’m not joking, I have seriously turned into Monica from Friends. Whilst my penchant for cleaning has always be a little slack, now that I’m nearing the end of my pregnancy, I’ve turned into a bit of a clean crazed madwoman who is instantly looking for things to clean. Some call it the nesting stage, I’m calling it the Monica stage. The stage where you just go a little mad trying to clean even the hardest unreachable areas just because it looks from here like it needs a bit of a dust off with the hoover.

I’ve turned into a bit of a clean freak


When I first moved to Ramsgate, took over the left side of the bed, I had what was known, nicknamed by Sam, as the valley of mess. A space next to my bed that basically consisted of random crap that would just pollute the floor- filled and empty water bottles, glasses, a box of tissues, a box of chocolate and a random pile of clothes that may or may not have been worn. Thankfully since I’ve moved to the right side of the bed, mainly because of my frequent trips to the bathroom at all hours of the night, I’ve definitely cleaned up my act with the whole valley of mess thing. Currently on the floor of the right side of the bed is my Rupert bear hot water bottle, a box of tissues and a notebook, and what was once Sam’s bedside cabinet, is now covered with a lot of cold busting concoctions that I’m allowed to take whilst battling this God-awful cold.

Organising random pieces of crap for no reason at all 


I spent a couple of quid in Poundland the other day buying some colourful folders that I can put all my random pieces of paper in. I even got some for Sam which currently only hold a few bits of paper in. I now have a corner on my chest of drawers dedicated to folders and lots of bits of paper within as well as a box filled with more bits of paper that’s sitting pretty in a space by the window because I have currently nowhere else to put it. I really should just get a filing cabinet and put it all in there but we need space for that and with Missy arrives soon, space is limited.

To nest or not to nest? That is the question.


Nesting is apparently normal in late pregnancy. Phew, huge relief. With weeks away from my due date and being the super fidgety person that I’m annoyingly turning into, it’s the norm to want to clean. Finding anything to clean to prepare for our baby’s arrival. There’s an undeniable need to clean before the arrival of Missy. Whilst some don’t see the point in cleaning or dusting at all, I have to keep readjusting things again and again.

According to a research study at McMaster University in Canada conducted in a 2013 study that the urge to nest stems from an inbuilt need in a mum to ‘protect and prepare’ for her unborn baby. Science aside, it’s natural to nest, to want to clean before the baby is born, to hoover every inch of the house 3 or 4 times a week ready for our little one to arrive. So if you need to do it, do it.

Doing my Tesco shopping list

I’m writing up my list to stock up on key essentials for the next few weeks. I did a pretty darn big shop last week and went into overkill Trying to reshuffle the spare freezer to ready myself for all the extra food that’s going to be homed in there in time for her arrival.

The temperature has dropped in the past few days and with winter getting ready to kick into gear, I can finally put my slow cooker into good use and make some lush warming winter dinners. Soups, broths, casseroles and more, I’m looking forward to keeping my bubba well fed and provided with all the vitamins that we both need when the cold properly kicks in. I think I might go a little crazy labeling everything in the fridge and freezer, it’s normal, don’t judge me!

Cooking in quantity


Thankfully I’ve always taken after my mother and cooked as if 500 people were about to show up on my doorstep. Maybe it’s taken from the fact my mum’s side of the family are Irish and we cook as if more people were to show at any given moment uninvited, but cooking in quantity is a good idea especially with Missy’s arrival coming. With extra food stocked in the fridge and freezer, we’ll have plenty of meals to keep us going up to and after she arrives to keep our diet in check without having to succumb to the standard takeaway.


I’m cooking a lot and really enjoying it. Embracing it like never before. I haven’t really had the time off before to enjoy cooking as much as I do now. Before I would just cook for people, friends, family, housemates etc to enjoy but now as I wait for my little one to arrive, I’m enjoying eating as well as cooking. Experimenting with different recipes that I’ve had stored in my head for years, sampling ones I’ve found online or creating new ones.

Embracing the final weeks, yet hating having a cold

Like Monica, having a cold sucks. Anyone who’s had a cold knows it sucks buf is relieved that it ends after a few days and you can bounce back to your former bubbly self. For me, I’ve had this cold for 13 days now and I’m sick of it. I tired of being sick and quite frankly everyone should know about it. The fact that I can only take paracetamol and make my own fake lemsip with honey and lemon is just shit. It’s not the same. My head feels like it’s going to explode, my nose is constantly blocked, my ears feel like they’re going to pop and all this whilst she dances away like a crazy child inside.

Turning a little crazy


I’m going a little mad. But that’s probably because it’s the final stretch. The last 4 weeks, the final countdown till Missy arrives.

What’s done:

  • Her nursery ✔️
  • Hospital bag for Missy ✔️
  • Hospital bag for me ✔️
  • Snack bag ✔️
  • Her crib has been put up and put next to my side of the bed ✔️
  • All of her clothes washed, folded, put away or hung up in her room✔️

I’m sure it won’t last and I’ll turn back to my normal Dannii self at some point but until then, Sam, you’ll just have to get on with it and everyone else, bear with me, it’s normal to be this weird with a sprinkle of Monica on top.

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