And so it begins… maternity leave 


Last Thursday was my last day at work. Although part time, working in a pub the past few weeks has been very tiring. The extra weight of carrying my little chub bub has been a nightmare on my legs and leaving a week earlier made sense for my health and sanity. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working at The Charles Dickens pub in Broadstairs the past 3 months. It was the confidence I needed after moving down here from London knowing no one. I’ve made some great friends, worked with some fab people, met people from countries further than the eye can see and really got to know the area of Broadstairs. So many people have enlightened me on the history, the locals and more and I’ve not felt this welcomed to an area like this before, it’s been my idea of perfect.

Now that I’m on my maternity leave, I’ve got little to prepare for Missy to arrive. We’ve already got everything we need for her arrival, I’ve sorted both of our hospital bags, the nursery is decorated, all lovingly prepared for by Sam, her furniture is up, her crib has been delivered by my mum and is here ready for her sleeping body to be rocked in and really all we need now, is her to arrive to join us on the next chapter of our lives.

Annoyingly I’ve got a bit of a cold, so much rest needs to happen over the next few days to get me feeling good. I plan to do the following though with all this spare time I now need to entertain myself with:

  1. Catch up on all the TV/films I’ve missed
  2. Read as much as I can with all the quiet I’ll never get again after she arrives
  3. Go on leisurely walks to exercise my legs
  4. Enjoy the fresh air, because I live by the sea and why the heck not?
  5. Bake because I love doing it and it keeps me occupied
  6. Prepare luscious winter soups and recipes
  7. Meet up with friends
  8. Get some much needed rest



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