Picture’s that sum up the 3rd Trimester 

The one about hormones: 

The one that rings so true even just for me:

The one that explains my mood most days: 

The one about the daily struggle: 

The one that’s so true about exercise:

The one that rings true for those who, like me get asked this question and seem shocked when I answer like this: 

The one that is true when you’ve done absolutely nothing: 

The one about the shaving dilemma: 

The one when we have to reassure those who really really don’t believe us: 

The one about the sound effects: 

The one that rings true to every woman with a bump: 

The one where every woman who has a big healthy bump can relate to: 

The one with the average night: 

The one about our little sleep: 

The one when we want to sleep but our bumps won’t let us: 

When people ask you how far along you are: 

Yes I am still pregnant: 

The pillow dilemma: 

The one that just sums up sleeping in the 3rd trimester: 

The one about our bladders: 

The one about the glow: 

The one that doesn’t make us LOL: 

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