Review: The Cupcake Cafe- Margate 

If you haven’t been to the old town in Margate yet, you’re yet to experience the little world that it has to offer. Just a few minutes from the beach and the few shops that the council should really invest some cash in to turn the boarded shops and storefronts, is the old town, a quirky boutique area of Margate that really is a treat to find. Just minutes from the Turner gallery, and set upon cobbled roads, there are plenty of boutique shops, galleries, cafes and buildings to feast your eyes on and get your taste buds tickled. Being a first timer thanks to a friend’s recommendation and endless appraisal from a work colleague, I visited the glorious Cupcake Cafe located at 4-5 Market place, Margate. This delightful little cafe is just the perfect location for pots of tea and delicious sandwiches, cakes and cupcakes all handmade on site.

I met with my friend Emma last week, who, with her youngest sleeping peacefully away in his pram, we marvelled over the various delights the cafe had to offer for breakfast. Whilst Emma went for a bacon sandwich on freshly baked white bread, I couldn’t resist my cravings and gave into a Brie, bacon and cranberry sandwich on toasted brown bread with a little salad garnish washed down with a beautiful pot of tea. As we laughed and joked, catching up on tales on pregnancy and motherhood, hours flew by as the many customers of all ages flew in and out grabbing breakfast, lunch or a delicious treat. It is a small place. So if you’re keen on coming down for lunch it’s best to get there early as this place fills up – especially as it’s getting colder by the seafront, you’re more likely want to sit inside and be cosy rather that outside with the chilly wind. Surrounded by kitsch deco (some of which you can buy for a small or expensive fee) and quirky signs, you can sit yourself down on the 5 country kitchen style tables, the comfy couch or 3 little stooled areas whilst you decide via the large chalk wall or quirky typewriter menu what you want to dive into.

All the food is reasonably priced. My sandwich and pot of tea came to £7.50 which is similar to that of most of those chain Americanized coffee shops, except here everything is fresh. You pay for quality and you get it with a smile and a relaxed vibe. If like us, quirky coffee shops are your thing and also catching up with friends or relatives sees the hours fly by, definitely treat yourself to a cake slice of two or one of their cupcakes. Emma went for a white chocolate and raspberry cupcake that honestly looked like a piece of art, whilst I went for a the cookie cake slice. OMG, melt in your mouth cookie cake, washed down with tea? EAT YOUR HEART OUT. Just delicious. I honestly cannot recommend this place high enough. I will definitely be going here again even if it is to just people watch, or with Emma or with my mum or friends when they come down to visit. It’s a family friendly place, so children are welcome and it’s got a 4.6* rating on Facebook. I’ll definitely be going there again, that’s for sure!

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