The weird things that happen in my 3rd trimester 


Most of my friends that are pregnant, have been pregnant, just had a baby or are in the final months like me, are comparing what happens at particular stages of pregnancy to see what weird, wonderful and common things that happen that we can dissect, compare, take notes on or complain about how the other is lucky or not lucky to be experiencing. Whilst having the constant talks that my baby will probably come out walking, talking and ready for school, most of my friends are mentioning that their bump is either super chilled or didn’t really want to be a mover till the last few weeks in pregnancy. But with all these weird and wonderful moments comes other things, mainly being uncomfortable and boy do I feel uncomfortable. I shouldn’t complain when I’m lucky to be pregnant and lucky to have a bouncy baby inside that wants to communicate but it’s been 2 months of the Michael Flatley dancing now 24/7 that it really is starting to get on my nerves and besides being shattered, I’m getting fed up and irritable too. 

Here are some common symptoms that happen when you’re in your 3rd trimester: 
I could eat and a horse but don’t have space for a pea 


I’m not kidding. Every morning last week I’ve had 4 rashers of bacon, 2 fried eggs, 2 slices of buttered bread, with a glass of orange juice, a cup of tea, 2 petit filous yogurts and a banana followed by 2x 500ml bottles of chilled water and a biscuit. By lunch, a few hours later, a sandwich, crisp and drink or two slices of cheese on toast, a bottle of summer fruits flavoured water and an ice lolly. I get hunger pains at odd times of the day and night. I want to eat when I don’t even have room left and if the hunger pains start, it’s normally followed by her kicking.

Some days I don’t even have room left to eat anything. Like, I’ve filled every inch of my tummy with food for her (Gosh, I think she’s just consuming it all and will be a little chubby when she arrives) and I have no actual space left and she still kicks and punches until I eat something to calm her down. I have no room left and that really gets my goat when she’s mutilating my insides in favour of a cracker or ham sandwich.
Lack of bladder control


After my midwife insisting I step up my water drinking intake, I’m slowly getting round to drinking 2 litres of water a day, even though water is seriously boring and sometimes I really just can’t be bothered (all those water haters out there, you understand me at least!). With the increased amounts of fluid going in, it’s increased my need to go to the bathroom. The most annoying out of that fact, is when you’ve not drank a drop of water and your bladder plays hide and seek. You know that game, the one where you think you need the bathroom but it’s all a big fat joke when you go, but as soon as you get comfy in bed again, boom, your bladder says “just kidding” and you have to go quickly before you wet yourself.

Not being able to get comfy 


Whichever way I lie or sit, I can’t get comfy. They say lying on your left hand side is good for you and baby for increasing blood flow and I try to do so, actually I try and lie in any position and she likes to let me know she’s not happy with any of it. So mostly I sit up, of wonder the house or kneel on the floor hoping my body will just give up and let me take in the sleep and she’ll sleep too, but it rarely happens.

Being achy everywhere

Some days my legs feel like stone, whilst I try to get my brain to communicate to them and move, other days I feel like my whole body is about to cave in. I’m tired, achy, irritated, exhausted and my brain and body are on two different wave lengths. The thing is, whilst the nurse suggests painkillers, most of the damn time it feels pointless as it doesn’t help my pain it just goes to her and I’d rather try live with it than drug my little one.

Nose bleeds
I’ve had more nose bleeds in the past few months than in my entire life but currently my nose bleeds are a competition between nostril. Last week it was battle of the fittest that lasted on and off for 3 hours. This week it’s a battle of the fittest in the early hours. Just when I think I’m choking and can’t breathe, it’s actually my nostrils fighting over who’s first in getting first dibs on my nice new PJ’s.

Weight gain


Now that the summer is slowly progressing into autumn and the days are getting cooler, this will be the real test of how much weight I put on. Apparently it is totally normal to put on more weight in the winter months when pregnant. A small chunk of your weight goes to your baby, which is healthy, the rest is your increased blood volume, uterus weight, the placenta, your boobs (with all that milk) etc.

Real baby brain kicks in


My baby brain has been at an exceptional high the past 2 weeks. For reasons unknown, I’ve forgotten my regular customers drinks orders even though I see them practically everyday and I’m getting stressed at forgetting things that normally come so naturally to me.

Dropping anything on the floor really irritates me if I can’t pick it up


Now that I really can’t reach anything on the floor anymore and that it requires a lot of effort of kneeling and then the big heave-ho up, I get super annoyed if I drop anything. Seeing as all my shoes are trainers or Uggs, I either lazily slip them on, struggle through huff and puff trying with an ankle over my knee to tie my laces and sometimes I need Sam to help remove them.

Rib attack


My little pickle has found a way to nestle her knees or tootsies under my ribs on a daily basis. The midwife has said that the best way is to rub the area until she moves but she’s not keen on doing that so a lot of a massage, strokes and baths seem to be helping slightly.

Breathless all the time


I walked roughly 10 minutes in the heat yesterday morning and I felt like I walked up Mount Everest. Thankfully my visit to my midwife this morning and the concerns about being so breathless sparked a blood sample and a chit chat about a possible iron deficiency.

Ah, what our bodies go through to bring a little one into the world. We really are all types of awesome, us mum’s to be.


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