Sam felt her properly kick and move last Sunday


For the first time last Sunday, Sam actually felt Missy doing her morning routine, the dance off, the rocky, the running man, the run up, the warm up, the whole she-bang before she does her grand performance and passes out from exhaustion.

Every morning like clockwork, just after I’ve popped to the bathroom (for the millionth time that night), little Missy gears up for her masterpiece, pièce de résistance, the one and only ‘I’m here you better listen to my interpretation of dance 1,2,3 and voila!’ And she goes for it. A bit of gymnastics, the full monty. Combining all her strength and flexibility, Missy pushes herself to her full potential, her complete physical limits using my right side of my tummy to perform her daily routine. She kicks, she punches, she wiggles around and she intends to let everyone know about it. Well this last Sunday after a little sleep from me and a shattered Sam laid asleep beside me, I put his hand gently on my side and let her do her magic and he felt her properly go into overdrive for 10 minutes of the usual half hour morning performance and it was magical. Whilst I feel this on a daily basis- she is one heck of mover, day in and day out, this was the first time he properly felt her get her groove on as his first time feeling her kicks were like little butterflies and times after that, she wouldn’t really move for him, choosing only after he moved away to move.

Now he understands my irritations, my stresses, my lack of sleep, my frequent moods and tears when I get fed up. I’m lucky that she is so active, as so many mums-to-be have expressed their jealousy that their little one refuses to budge giving them a constant fear that something is wrong and with 10 weeks to go I know it’s only going to get worse with the little space she will have to play around in but it is tiring. I’m really looking forward to seeing her little face, kiss her little toes that twinkle away daily, the little hands that air guitar and cuddle her, I want that sooner than later.

Hopefully I’ll find a way to sleep shortly! If you have any suggestions for calming an active baby, please do let me know!

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