When things go bump in the night 

So this is my sixth night not being able to sleep and I’m bored of it. I worked today and spent most of the day on my feet and although I got in and my eyes were falling out of my head, I still struggled to get to sleep. It’s difficult and although my body is getting me ready for what’s to come, I would really really really like a little bit of sleep now. You know be able to sleep at the same time as Sam and everyone else who sleeps at night. I’m exhausted.

I’ve commented on numerous articles on the Daily Mail app, I’ve read the entire Buzzfeed app, I’ve downloaded shitty games off iTunes to bore myself to death with, challenged my mind with word games, done my imaginary shopping list should I ever think it’s acceptable to spend £250+ on footwear on Net-A-Porter and drank numerous cups of hot chocolate but nothing seems to want to distract my brain and switch off. I know watching TV or reading my phone or laptop stimulates my mind but reading a book is out of the question as I’m one of those who can’t just read a few pages or a chapter or two, I have to read the whole damn thing. Especially if it’s a thriller, once I’m hooked I’m hooked. That’s it. I will read till the end my friend and that’s it. All whilst I’m massaging my tummy with cream and she’s responding with her nightly air guitar and Riverdance moves.

With less than 9 weeks to go till Missy arrives, I’m trying to cram in any bit of rest and sleep I can get, but it just doesn’t seem to be happening. Sam mentioned I spend far too much time on my phone as it is and really should get a Kindle or something but unless I go downstairs and sit in some light or fidget or do something, I can’t shake off Missy having a full on dance off with my insides. It’s common knowledge that the final few weeks is a nightmare on your sleep pattern as you try to adjust to the fact your tummy is being stretched beyond imagination whilst your little one tries to move in the little space they have available and your body prepares you for the labour to come. As if worrying about what’s to happen in the next few weeks, the labour, then the next 18 (min) years of my life isn’t enough, the limited sleep is playing havoc on my health and sanity.

If there’s anything I’m really craving at the moment, it’s sleep. I know that when she arrives, sleep deprivation will be at the top of the list, with feeds every few hours, my routine of just about anything, will be flung out of the window faster than a boomerang. When I go on my maternity leave in a month, hopefully I will just nap whenever I feel tired. Hopefully that will prepare my achy limbs and tired body and prepare me, even just a little bit for when she arrives. Who knows? I’ll keep you updated.



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