Getting used to a new area, part 2 

Don’t get me wrong, I’m starting to love everything about Ramsgate, Kent, the South East. There’s the beach 10 minutes up the road, which is a million times better than any river view or pretend beach in any city. The clean fresh air is to die for and there’s no air pollution daily which is also a winner. But there are a few things that drive me potty. I always considered myself to be a city girl. I was born in Cambridge, moved down to Isleworth when I was 4 and couldn’t wait to move to the city when I was 17, where I lived in most parts of London until I was 25. I moved back to Isleworth to be closer to my family and although it took some getting used to, with the aeroplanes and the summer smell of Mogden Lane sewage works up the road, I loved being within arms reach of family and friends and it only took 40 minutes to get to London Waterloo.

Since moving to Ramsgate and getting over the initial hurdle, I’ve grown to love the peace and quiet. Gone are the days of hectic London, traffic, noise, air pollution and endless pigeon crap, instead here I am, a short walk to the beach, the beautiful Royal harbour and have endless beauty around me in Kent – Canterbury, Motes Park, Herne Bay, Broadstairs, Deal etc.

But with all this greatness there are some faults. Faults that drive me insane and it seems that me, an ex-Londoner isn’t the only one who feels the same, some of the locals feel the same too. So here’s my stand to moan, complain, pass on my verbal diarrhoea about the one thing I just cannot for the life of me understand in Thanet- transport. Maybe that city girl part of me has a visible stand and refuses to just get on and accept this in Thanet but hopefully there’s some other people out there who agree with me…



TFL – London

In London we complain a lot about the cost of travel. It is ridiculously expensive but with the cost comes an excellent service.


You have buses 24/7 arriving every 8-12 minutes (in most locations), an overground service, the underground (which has recently opened its doors to 24 hour services on certain lines) and links to national rail that can take you anywhere in the UK. Every year that I lived in London, I complained to every Tom, Dick and Harriet that the cost of travel was extortionate. Remembering even a time, when 18 years old that you could buy a 1 day bus pass for a quid and a 1 day’s travel card zone 1-6 for £2! Not anymore, God no, those prices are a long long ago distant memory.


Although ridiculously pricey, you do get a secure system and one that has signs, glorious shiny signs that aim to notify and alert you of all things from delays, breakdowns, closures you name it, it does it. 


Buses in Thanet 

Reading a bus stop sign in Thanet…

When buses come on time…


When buses just don’t bother showing up, at all… 


And the bus driver just doesn’t say anything, not even a word of an apology… 


It’s apparently totally normal for this super chilled way of living…


Every bus stop only has timetables, no actual notifications board, which is totally mind boggling….


The only way you can find out about the status of our bus is if you have access to Twitter…


That’s if you think to go there for updates….


That’s even if you get mobile signal or wifi (how on earth Broadstairs picks up Belgium is beyond me)….


When you do complain, the customer advisers on social media are super chilled with their response and want details that your angered mind didn’t think about noting down at time of delay…


But it’s OK because it’s a different way of life down here….


That’s why a lot of people learn to drive…


Or work in London…


Or just walk everywhere….


Or stick to the beach…

Or just don’t go out… 


Thankfully whenever I feel the need to just vent my anger about it, I can do so on here, or across my social media channels. I may change when my little one arrives in 3 months, or I might just go insane but Stagecoach really do need to up their game. I wonder when these changes will happen, if ever. What do you think?


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