These past few days I’ve felt enormous … 

These past few days I’ve felt enormous. Gigantic. Massive. Huge. Colossal. Monstrous. I’m pretty sure if you googled big you’ll find a picture of me right underneath it. In the shop the other day a woman squealed with delight that I was indeed pregnant, dared to put her hand right onto my bump before I even had a chance to say back off and said “Any day now, eh?” No, lady, again, not so, I’ve still got 3 months to go. “Oh, a big baby, poor you.”


 I don’t know why but I just have zero energy and feel massive. It’s literally happened overnight. Maybe I’ve eaten something that’s made me feel bigger or maybe she’s had an overnight growth spurt, but whatever it is, my legs are super tired, I feel really achy and I just want to lie down all the time. Just roll me to my destination.


After a lot of questions, worried phone calls to my mum, google searches (yes I went there) and FA response from my midwife, we came to the conclusion missy has moved from her comfort zone and is now sitting pretty somewhere else. Thanks to this my ability to sleep at night has flown out of the window. I can’t for the life of me get comfy. Sleeping on my left or right is a no, can’t sleep on my back so that’s out of the question so sitting upright seems to do the trick for about 10 minutes until she wiggles again. 

There’s got to be some way to get some sleep at night. I do like naps in the afternoon but is there any other way to help me sleep and also calm her acrobatic moves at all hours of the night? 

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 


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