“Are you expecting Twins?”

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Last weekend a woman in a cafe pointed out how large I was and said “our Steph isn’t as huge as you and she’s due next week, are you expecting twins?” No lady I am not. It’s been double checked with the scan too, so please stop asking me or telling me I look like a beached whale in what you assume is the nicest way possible. I’m well within my weight for my height and as much as it might be funny on continuous occasions to say it, it does get rather boring after awhile.

I’m 5″9, was slightly underweight when I found out I was pregnant, had terrible morning sickness, put on weight in all the wrong places at first but now that my body has adjusted to the idea that I am in fact pregnant and carrying a mini version of me, the weight that needed to stay only kept to two places, my tummy and my boobs. We all carry differently. My sister is petite, always has been and when pregnant with my niece, she didn’t look or show that she was pregnant until the final few months of her pregnancy, then when her daughter arrived, her bump disappeared in a matter of days. I, being a lot taller and always being a size 10 with a bigger chest was instantly recognisable as being pregnant at 10 weeks. Which sucked, big time. My boobs has gone up a ridiculous size, bigger than they’ve ever been, even at my biggest weight, my bum is still as small as before, I still have a thigh gap, not that I can even attempt to try and see it anymore and my bump at 24 weeks is pretty big, low or high, however you want to say it is. As I’ve been told by my midwife and doctor, I have a healthy baby growing inside, my BMI is perfect and I’m healthy and that’s all that matters. All the negative crap I’m going to hear from people who think they’re being super funny, I should ignore, and just focus on myself.

All individual pregnant women should know that the perfect bump measurement doesn’t exist. It doesn’t matter what size you are, or your bump, if it’s too large or too small, the size is absolutely no indication of our baby’s weight. We can have massive bumps and our baby’s are teeny tiny when they are born, or the other way round. The only person that should tell you how it is with your baby is your midwife. So if you’re unsure, speak to them and they’ll give you the best advice.


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