Admitting to a 4-year-old that she was right


When we announced that we were pregnant to our families, the one person I really was super excited telling the news to, was my four-year-old niece. She’s my little angel, my pumpkin pie and I absolutely adore her, so when the news broke that I was expecting, I wanted it to come from me first before she heard it from anyone else. On her father’s side she has loads of cousins to play with, but on our side, her mother’s, she only has a second cousin who is a lot younger with another on the way. So my news that she’d have another little cousin to play with, would hopefully be some good news to her. And it was. She immediately screamed “It’s going to be a little princess!” I asked her what if it were a boy and she clearly pointed out that if it were, I should leave it at the hospital – nice!

From that moment on, her interest in me being pregnant was a big thing, even though I had moved to Ramsgate, when I spoke to my mum or my sister, she excitedly would insist on speaking to me about the progress of my baby. When we spent a long time deciding we weren’t going to find out the sex of the baby, she was still very insistent it was going to be a girl, so at the all important scan, when we found out it was in fact a girl, I told her the good news and her screams and shrieks confirmed her happiness and she had to point out that she indeed knew this from the very beginning.


Admitting to a four-year-old that they are right, when we were so convinced for ages it was a boy, was amusing to say the least. Just hearing my niece on the phone and how happy she was put the biggest smile on my face. I was more excited than before and can’t wait for the day that they can meet.

The other week my mum, sister, her partner and my niece came down to visit for the day. I hadn’t seen them for 2 months and I was so happy to see them, I had been looking forward to it for a long time and I was overjoyed when they showed up. As soon as I laid eyes on my niece as she did to me, we both got very excited, I’m her ‘Dan Dans’ and she’s my Mini Moo. I picked her up giving a massive hug and she excited kissed and patted my tummy talking away to my bump. Although being four, this must feel like eternity to her, like my pregnancy does to me, but her constant questions on if the doctor could take my baby out in the summer so she can have someone to play with  or it’s only four weeks away till she arrives (confusing the weeks with the actual four months!). All I know is she’s super excited and can’t wait and that makes me extremely happy. I can’t wait to introduce her to my daughter.



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